10 Ridiculous Celebrity Lawsuits: Wildest Reasons Famous People Were Sued For

When Biggie stated, "Mo money, mo problems." he wasn't lying. There is the potential for a great deal of drama if money is involved in any manner. That implies that those who are wealthy and well-known frequently find themselves at the center of legal drama. Numerous celebrities have been involved in newsworthy cases, either as the target of the lawsuit or as the plaintiff. Many celebrities have found themselves at the heart of spectacular trials throughout the years, including anything from libel and copyright disputes to domestic violence and sexual assault. One example is the case of Rose McGowan's lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein or Kesha's lawsuit against Dr. Luke.
These lawsuits established new guidelines for what is considered proper behavior for everyone from paparazzi to on-set drivers. Even unintentionally, when celebrities bring cases, they can increase public awareness of the problem they're battling and foster momentum for substantive change. On the other hand, some lawsuits appear to be completely absurd. Let’s take a look at them.

#1 Tina Seals Claimed Beyonce Wasn't Blue Ivy's BirthMother

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There has been speculation about whether Beyonce truly carried Blue Ivy Carter ever since her tummy collapsed during an interview. Naturally, Beyonce has claimed that she carried and gave birth to her kid. That hasn't stopped the conspiracy hypothesis, though, from gaining popularity. These suspicions were not helped by a 2014 lawsuit Tina Seals filed. The plaintiff stated in the lawsuit that Blue Ivy's biological mother was not Beyonce but rather her. The same woman has also asserted paternity for all three of Michael Jackson's children as well as North West, the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

#2 Diamond Dallas Felt That Jay-Z Stole His Famous "Roc Nation" Hand Signal

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You probably know two things about Jay-Z even if you don't listen to his music. One is that he is the fortunate man Beyonce married. The second is that by holding his hands in a diamond shape, he consistently represents his record label, Roc Nation. Diamond Dallas claimed that he was the one who genuinely invented the hand signal, known as the "Diamond Cutter" in 1996 and that he did so in a 2005 lawsuit against the rap mogul for copyright infringement. Dallas said that because Jay-Z used the gesture so frequently, people would accuse him of emulating the rapper. Ultimately, the lawsuit demanded that Jay-Z stop using the gesture, but given that it has been 14 years and he continues to do so frequently, it is likely that you can guess how this case turned out.

#3 Smartphone Case Company Sued Kim Kardashian For Promoting Their Competition

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Kim Kardashian is influencer goals, with more than 100 million followers on Instagram alone. When Kim promotes a product, you can almost ensure that people will buy it in droves, bringing the firm that hired her untold riches. That's exactly what occurred when Kim supported the maker of illuminated phone covers, LuMee. As a result, their sales surged. Unfortunately, SnapLight, a rival of LuMee, did not do as well. According to the company, Kardashian's endorsement of LuMee made it "extremely difficult" for them to compete in the same market, and they sued her for copyright infringement in 2017.

#4 Ashleigh Johnson Sued The Jonas Brothers For Being Injured At Their Concert

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Getting to see a live performance by one of your favorite performers may be exciting and pleasant. If the crowd becomes too raucous, it might even be deadly. Ashleigh Johnson experienced this in 2010, following a Jonas Brother concert at The Grove.
She apparently suffered severe mental, bodily, and emotional damage when a throng of admirers forced her against a security barrier. If Ashleigh's allegations are accurate, she has filed a lawsuit against those responsible for her anguish since it utterly stinks for her. She chose to blame the Jonas Brothers and a business named Caruso Management responsible for this rather than lamenting her losses and reconsidering her choice to buy tickets next to a barrier.

#5 Kimberly Griggs Claimed To Be Michael Jackson's Muse

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Even though Michael Jackson passed away in 2009, his estate continues to receive legal complaints from those who believe he violated their rights. It seems normal given that he was one of the most well-known artists in the entire globe. Some lawsuits continue to stand out more than others. One is a case that was initiated in 2012 by a lady by the name of Kimberly Griggs. Griggs filed a $1 billion lawsuit against Michael Jackson's estate, alleging that their alleged romance served as the basis for several of his best singles. Before he passed away, he allegedly pledged to give her the rights to his songs.

#6 Lucie J. Kim Sued Miley Cyrus On Behalf Of Asian Pacific Islanders In Los Angeles

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In 2009, a picture of Miley Cyrus altering her facial look with her hands appeared. Miley Cyrus was compelled to apologize for the picture, which some people perceived as a racially offensive gesture against Asians. But Lucie J. Kim wasn't about to let Miley Cyrus get away with it. In reaction to the image, Kim sued Miley for $4 billion, claiming that Miley had violated her civil rights. If you're wondering why Kim selected such a large amount, it was because she believed that every Asian Pacific Islander living in Los Angeles (who totaled one million) was entitled to $4,000 as compensation.

#7 Rob Dulaney Sued Kim Kardashian For Filing For Divorce

 Wildest Reasons Famous People Were Sued ForSource: ANGELA WEISS/GETTY IMAGES

Even now, caustic articles about Kim Kardashian's brief union with Kris Humphries continue to circulate. The mere fact that Kim filed for divorce after only 72 days was enough to make headlines, but the fact that it happened after her widely publicized wedding special, which reportedly brought in $18 million for her, drew extra attention to her marital problems.
Some people vowed to boycott Keeping Up With The Kardashians after claiming that everything was a publicity stunt. Rob Dulaney, a comedian, was one person who felt particularly offended and went so far as to sue Kim, Ryan Seacrest, and E! for their involvement in what he perceived as a "sham wedding."

#8 The Woman Who Thought Diddy Caused 9/11

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Rap mogul Diddy, formerly known as Sean Combs, has been accused of many things, most of which are conspiracy theories, including defrauding his musicians and perhaps having a hand in the death of 90s rap singer Biggie Smalls. Permit us to draw your attention to one more, less well-known, rap artist conspiracy. Back in 2011, a woman by the name of Valerie Joyce Wilson Turk sued Diddy for $1 trillion, claiming that both of them were responsible for 9/11 along with Rodney King. She claims that after successfully bringing down the World Trade Centers, he also knocked her children to the ground. She also claimed that he was the father of her 23-year-old son and that he had stolen one of her casino chips, which was worth "100s of zillions of dollars" as if those claims weren't absurd enough.

#9 Michael Jordan's Look-A-Like Couldn't Handle Fame

 Wildest Reasons Famous People Were Sued ForSource: Charles Rex Arbogast/AP

Most individuals view being likened to a well-known celebrity as an honor. Some even use the mistaken identity to their advantage by signing autographs and posing for photos. Allen Heckard did not have this experience despite frequently being confused for one of the most well-known basketball players in the world, Michael Jordan. He said that because people would approach him so regularly to ask for signatures, it interfered with his quality of life. Allen chose to file a $52 million defamation of character lawsuit against Michael Jordan rather than just apologize and say that one of his fans made a mistake. He also attacked Phil Knight, the creator of Nike, for his role in making Michael a household brand.

#10 Mila Kunis Sued For Stealing A Pet Chicken

 Wildest Reasons Famous People Were Sued ForSource: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Everyone has a history, but if you're a celebrity, you can almost certainly count on someone in your life to use your previous transgressions against you in order to make money. Kristina Karo really carried out the action. The lady claims that while they were both in first grade, Mila Kunis and her attended the same school. As a result, Mila frequently visited her home and finally developed a bond with her pet chicken, Doggie. Mila apparently admitted to snatching the chicken after it vanished. Kristina had to experience considerable mental suffering as a result. Fortunately, she chose not to file a lawsuit against Mila's parents at the time this allegedly occurred. She waited to try to extort $5,000 from Mila until she was a legitimate TV star. Oh, right.
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