10 Movies To Get You Through Christmas If You’re Bored Of The Old Films

Christmas is here and it’s time to enjoy some movies, with or without company. But what if you have grown bored of watching all the classic movies over and over again for years? What if you want something other than Home Alone, Elf, or Jingle All the Way? Well, worry no more. There are other entertaining movies to get you through Christmas!
No more watching repeated movies year after year! Get cozy and treat yourself with a nice hot cup of cocoa, here are 10 movies to get you through Christmas.

1. Falling For Christmas

movies to get you through Christmas Falling For Christmas home alone and bored Source: Netflix/ Courtesy of Everett Collection

After a long time of disappearing from the big screen, Lindsay Lohan is finally back. This time she returns to the screen with a romantic comedy movie about a young newly engaged heiress who has a skiing accident just before Christmas. She gets amnesia but also gets taken in by a very handsome cabin owner and his daughter. A lot of funny situations will soon happen with the unlikely trio.

2. Black Christmas

movies to get you through Christmas Black Christmas home alone and boredSource: Blumhouse Productions/UA Entertainment Co./ Courtesy of Everett Collection

What if you're sick of all the romcoms and want something much darker? Well, to all the horror fans out there, we got you covered. Black Christmas is a slasher movie that tells the story of unlucky university students who get attacked during the holiday. Once they found out that they were being hunted, these girls came together and formed a team to protect themselves from the lurking danger.

3. The Christmas Chronicles

movies to get you through Christmas The Christmas Chronicles home alone and boredSource: Netflix/ Courtesy of Everett Collection

The Christmas Chronicles tells the story of Teddy and Kate Pierce. They don't get along well with each other, but they both share the common goal of finding evidence that proves Santa exists. A short video isn't enough for them, so they decide to climb into Santa's sleigh and unexpectedly become a part of saving the holiday.

4. Let It Snow

movies to get you through Christmas Let It Snow home alone and boredSource: Netflix/ Courtesy of Everett Collection

Due to the insane amount of snow caused by a snowstorm, the local residents of a small midwestern town are asked to stay at home. However, one girl was sick of it and decided to leave her shelter to go to a coffee shop. Turns out her adventure to the shop was much harder than it sounds, and quite hilarious too.

5. Klaus

movies to get you through Christmas KlausSource: Netflix Animation/ Courtesy of Everett Collection

Jesper is the lazy and spoiled son of the Postmaster General. To put his son on the right path, the Postmaster General banishes him to the Far North to work as an ordinary postman. Upon arriving at the town and finding out how weird it is, Jesper quickly wants to leave as soon as possible.
However, he can't complete his father's plan because none of the residents send letters to each other. So Jesper comes up with the idea of tricking the kids in town into writing letters to Klaus. His lies will later create a legend that will last for centuries.

6. Coming Home for Christmas

movies to get you through Christmas Coming Home for Christmas home alone and boredSource: Side Street Post/ Courtesy of Everett Collection

To break up with your boyfriend and lose your job both before Christmas must be terrible. And that is exactly what happens to Lizzie’s Christmas Eve. She gets back on her feet by working as a house manager for a very respectable, wealthy family. It turns out that serving rich people is pretty fun, and her time working for them might even bring her a Christmas miracle.

7. Santa & Cie

Santa & Cie home alone and boredSource: Canal+ [fr]/ Courtesy of Everett Collection

Elves are Santa's helpful assistants, but what will happen when they suddenly get sick with a mysterious disease? Well, Santa is a great boss, so he makes sure to get them the medical help that they need. His journey to the normal world to look for help is quite an interesting adventure, especially when nobody recognizes him as the legendary Father of Christmas.

8. Office Christmas Party

Office Christmas Party home alone and boredSource: Bluegrass Films/ Courtesy of Everett Collection

Carol is the vice president of a big corporation. Her biggest problem? It's none other than her own brother, who runs one of the branches of the company. He sucks at his job and his department keeps having very bad results. Instead of doing the reasonable thing, which is shutting the department down, he decides to attract a big client by throwing a huge Christmas party. Things get out of hand pretty soon after.

9. A Very Murray Christmas

A Very Murray Christmas home alone and boredSource: American Zoetrope/ Courtesy of Everett Collection

Bill Murray is a beloved star. So to answer back to all the love from his fans, he decides to throw a live celebrity party on his TV show. Unfortunately, a blizzard hits the city on the day that the show is going to happen. Murray starts to worry that none of the invited celebrities will be able to attend the celebration, but he is saved by a Christmas miracle.

10. A Bramble House Christmas

A Bramble House Christmas home alone and boredSource: Two 4 The Money Media/ Courtesy of Everett Collection

Willa is a nurse and a single mother. Her son dreams of going to a magical town called Bramble for the holidays. According to legend, Bramble is where real magic can happen. However, Willa can barely make ends meet, let alone afford such an expensive trip. But things change soon for the duo. A lot of family dramas and funny situations soon follow the family after they suddenly get an inheritance.
Those are some movies to get you through Christmas in case you have grown bored with all the old movies that are shown every year. However, if you still want to rewatch the classics, then check out these Christmas comedy movies. They will guarantee to make you laugh and warm up your heart.
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