10 Movie Stars That Are Famous for Both Outstanding and Terrible Acting

During their acting career, actors have portrayed a great number of roles, so it’s seemingly unavoidable to have poor performances. Despite their iconic characters, many actors and actresses were criticized in the media for terrible acting. It also happens to the most exceptional actors. It doesn’t matter how brilliantly talented an actor is, a flop, one miscast role, or a bit of substandard direction can come to anyone. If you are in doubt, just ask the celebrated thespians who’ve managed to win both an Oscar Award and a Razzie, symbolizing for outstanding and terrible acting.
While Oscar Awards may be the gold standard for the cinema industry, Razzies are around the corner to keep everyone humble. Though it is said that winning an Oscar and a Razzie is quite an accomplishment, what is truly impressive is when an actor has won both.
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#1 Halle Berry

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In 2002, Halle Berry starred in the movie “Monster’s Ball”, which earned her an Oscar for Best Actress. 3 years later, she received her anti-Oscar when playing the main role in “Catwoman”.

#2 Melissa McCarthy

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Melissa McCarthy starred in 3 movies in 2018. The role in one of these movies (Can You Ever Forgive Me?) is so great that helped her receive an Oscar nomination. But 2 of the other ones (Life of the Party and The Happytime Murders) became disappointments. The actress had to get the Golden Raspberry for Worst Actress.

#3 John Travolta

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Despite owning 2 Oscar nominations in his career (Pulp Fiction and Saturday Night Fever), John Travolta has more Golden Raspberry nominations than we thought. He was nominated for the Golden Raspberry twice and had 8 total nominations for Worst Actor. “Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000”, which he produced, won 7 awards in 2001.

#4 Jennifer Lawrence

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During her career, the actress has 4 Oscar nominations and 1 win for her role in “Silver Linings Playbook”. In 2018, for her terrible performance in “Mother”, she was nominated for Golden Raspberry.

#5 Will Smith

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Will Smith had great performances in the movies “The Pursuit of Happyness” and “Ali”, in which he got 2 Oscar nominations. However, his career has not been 100% successful. The actor won anti-Oscar twice for the movies “After Earth” and “Wild Wild West”. In 2016, the actor also got the Razzie Redeemer Award for his role in “Concussion”.

#6 Sharon Stone

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Sharon Stone won 2 Razzies of 8. The last time it happened was in 2007. Critics hated her work in Basic Instinct 2. However, she also was nominated for an Oscar for her performance in the Martin Scorsese film “Casino” in 1996.

#7 Eddie Redmayne

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At the age of 30, Eddie Redmayne received an Oscar for Best Actor for the movie “The Theory of Everything”. One year later, he disappointed the audience, getting the Golden Raspberry for Worst Supporting Actor in “Jupiter Ascending”.

#8 Gwyneth Paltrow

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Gwyneth Paltrow had a breakthrough role in the film “Shakespeare in Love”. Thanks to the movie, she received numerous awards, including an Oscar in 1999. Aside from her great roles, she had some bad ones and one of them was Johanna Mortdecai in “Mortdecai”, in which she was nominated for the Golden Raspberry award.

#9 Ben Affleck

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Despite not winning an Oscar, Ben Affleck has Oscar awards for Good Will Hunting (Best Original Screenplay) and Argo (Best Film). However, the actor got nominations for bad acting the first one in 2002 Pearl Harbor, and the last one in 2017 Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. He also managed to win this award in 2004 for his role in Daredevil.

#10 Sandra Bullock

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In the same year, Sandra Bullock managed to win both awards. She received a Razzie for the romantic comedy “All About Steve” and an Oscar for the movie “The Blind Side”.
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