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  1. Gwen Stacy/Spider-Woman
  2. Miguel O’Hara/Spider-Man 2099
  3. Ben Reilly/Scarlet Spider
  4. Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman
  5. Hobie Brown/Spider-Punk
  6. Pavitr Prabhakar/Spider-Man India
  7. Peter Porker/Spider-Ham
  8. Peter B. Parker/Spider-Noir
  9. Spider-Cat
  10. Mayday Parker/Spider-Girl

10 Most Iconic Spider-Man Variants In Across The Spider-Verse Who Should Be In The MCU (Apart From Miles Morales)

One of the reasons why the Wall Crawler is one of the most popular superheroes in both Marvel Comics and the MCU, is the sheer amounts of variants he has from different universes. From Peter Parker to Miles Morales and Miguel O’Hara, each person behind the mask possesses a distinct personality and wields unique powers. In the latest animation sensation, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, these overwhelming numbers of variants are introduced to us as part of the Spider Society, led by Miguel to protect the balance of the Multiverse.

 Through the Spider Society, Sony has successfully brought a good chunk of different Spider-Man versions from the comics onto the big screen, while still giving them enough spotlight to shine. Now the real question is: Will these variants appear in the MCU one day? Of course, Marvel Cinematic Universe is already packed with the current amount of superheroes, so this might be unlikely to happen any time soon, but with the Multiverse being the main theme in the current Phase 5, maybe we can expect to see the likes of Miguel O’Hara and Hobie Brown to rocks the MCU one day. Let’s browse through these 10 popular Spider-Variants who really should make their MCU debut through this list.


#1. Gwen Stacy/Spider-Woman

Since Miles Morales is getting his own live-action movie in the near future, people are expecting Gwen to join the roster as well. In the Spider-Verse trilogy, Gwen is Miles’s main love interest, so it’d be nice to see their relationship transition to the live-action as well. As Spider-Woman, Gwen Stacy is as capable as any other male counterparts, if not even more. Seeing her as a variant in an MCU project would be fascinating to see, though it’s unlikely to happen.


#2. Miguel O’Hara/Spider-Man 2099

Arguably one of the most badass Spider-People in the animated movie, Miguel is the current leader of the vast Spider Society. While his method might be a bit extreme, it’s no doubt Miguel is a very responsible person who would do anything to ensure the balance of the Multiverse as a whole. While doesn’t possess Spider-Sense like the others, Spider-Man 2099 has sharp fearsome fangs that can inject venom, retractable talons, organic webs, and a cool cape to boot.

Seeing Miguel O’Hara as a futuristic Spider-Man in the MCU would be fascinating to see, as the studio can convert the Heroic Age comic arc into a movie, which sees both heroes fight bad guys in the other’s body.


#3. Ben Reilly/Scarlet Spider

What if Peter Parker has a clone of himself? Ben Reilly is the result of an experiment by the Jackal, one of Spidey’s arch-nemesis, who believes he’s the real Spider-Man for a long time. Ben has a quite miserable life as a superhero, having died multiple times only to be resurrected again, and eventually loses his sanity because of this neverending cycle. Later, he transforms into the Chasm, who wields more enhanced power versions of Peter’s.

Bringing Ben’s story to the MCU could do some magic, as his arc is widely considered one of Spider-Man’s darkest comics ever. To see Tom Holland’s Parker and the Chasm fighting at the end is quite an intriguing thought as well.


#4. Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman

A female Spider-Person, and a pregnant one at that? Jessica Drew is definitely one of the more unique variants in the movie, as she’s in month seven of pregnancy. It doesn’t stop her from joining the actions, though, as she’s one of Miguel O’Hara’s most trusted and capable allies. She’s the first one Lyla call to aid Miguel in his fight against the Renaissance Vulture, and is also Gwen Stacy’s mentor for a year. Riding her trademark motorbike, Jessica’s ready to spread terror to every villain who stands in her way.


#5. Hobie Brown/Spider-Punk

This is going to be a tricky task for Marvel, as Spider-Punk has already made too much of an impact in Across the Spider-Verse. Everyone loves Hobie and his electric guitar, and would love to see him rocking his weapon in the live-action version. Also, his rebellious, propaganda-hating agenda of his would be a fresh breeze to the MCU which is already full of personalities.


#6. Pavitr Prabhakar/Spider-Man India

A Web-Slinger from the fictional city of Mumbattan, Pavitr only has 6-month experience of being Spider-Man, but he quickly rises through the ranks to be one of Miguel’s best. Fun fact, Pavitr’s voice actor, Karan Seni, also stars as the friendly driver Dopinder in the Deadpool series, so what if Marvel decides to pull a twist and make Dopinder into Spider-Man India? This theory is near impossible, but we can let our imagination run wild sometimes.


#7. Peter Porker/Spider-Ham

Let’s move on to the real question: If Porker somehow gets transferred into the real world, would he retain his original 2D look, or would he turn into a real-life pig? It’s almost impossible for Spider-Ham to appear in the upcoming events of the MCU, but in case it happens, well, who doesn't want to see Spider-Ham in battle with his ridiculously huge hammer?


#8. Peter B. Parker/Spider-Noir

Originates from the distant Earth-90214, this version of Peter B. Parker doesn’t hesitate to kill criminals if it’s necessary. Spider-Noir is an investigator reporter of the New York City overrun by gangs and criminals, who drifted into Miles’s dimension in Into the Spider-Verse, and later joins Gwen’s team to save the protagonist in the sequel. It’d be nice to have him in a Spider-Man movie, though, as we’ll get to see how his ideal will clash with Peter Parker of Earth-616.


#9. Spider-Cat

Introduced in Across the Spider-Verse, Spider-Cat is one of the variants that caused Miles the most trouble. Gaining Spider Totem powers at some point in his life, Spider-Cat can wield arachnid abilities as well as any other Spider-People, while still making use of his feline powers. Spider-Cat could make a quick cameo in a future Spider-man movie as an average cat wearing a Spider suit. Or at least, until he shoots organic webs from his mouth…


#10. Mayday Parker/Spider-Girl

Appears as Peter B. Parker’s daughter with Mary Jane of Earth-616B, Mayday inherits her father’s arachnid abilities, which allows her to climb walls with ease. She is also a character in a What If story in the comics, who later takes on the mantle of Spider-Girl to be New York’s new heroine. Technically speaking, Mayday can also make her MCU entrance as Peter Parker’s daughter, but with the latter’s existence erased from everyone’s memory at the end of No Way Home, this theory might not come to fruition.

Which other Spider-Man variant do you want to see in the MCU? Let your imagination run wild below in the comment. 

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