10 Most Bizarre Food Combos Celebrities Love That Will Make Your Stomach Turn

Let's face it, celebrities are a strange bunch. And when it comes to the food they eat, things can get pretty weird. We're talking lemonade-y cookies, pickle juice popcorn, and other strange concoctions that could leave most of us scratching our heads.
From the strange to the downright bizarre, these stars have some seriously unexpected tastes when it comes to their meals. And trust us, some of these combos are not for the faint of heart.
But hey, who are we to judge? Maybe there's something to these weird food combinations that we just don't understand. After all, if it's good enough for the rich and famous, it must be worth a try, right? Who knows, you might just discover your new favorite food. Or, you know, you might regret it for the rest of your life. Either way, it'll make for a great story.

#1 Adrienne Bailon: Tuna Sandwiches + Fruit Punch

Source: Wikimedia Commons, YouTube

When Adrienne’s ready for a snack, she takes a tuna sandwich and dips it directly into a glass of fruit punch. We're not sure how she came up with this one, but it definitely takes tuna to a whole new level.

#2 Dove Cameron: Brownies + Ranch

Source: Wikimedia Commons, YouTube

Dove Cameron discovered this strange food combination as a child. While eating a meal, she had both a brownie and a salad on her plate, and somehow a dollop of ranch dressing ended up on the brownie. She decided to give it a try and ended up loving it.

#3 Lizzo: Watermelon + Mustard

Source: Wikimedia Commons, TikTok

Lizzo is a big fan of watermelon with mustard. The singer claims it's a must-try combo that the world has been missing out on.

#4 Dale Earnhardt Jr.: Banana + Mayo + Sandwich

Source: Wikimedia Commons, Twitter

Dale Earnhardt Jr. has a unique twist on the classic peanut butter and banana sandwich. Instead of peanut butter, he prefers to spread mayo on his bread before adding in sliced bananas. He swears it's delicious, but we're not so sure.

#5 Scott Foley: Scrambled Eggs + Peanut Butter

Source: Fox, Instagram

Scott Foley likes to kick off his day with a protein-packed breakfast of scrambled eggs and peanut butter.

#6 Gene Simmons: Ice Cubes + Cereal

Source: Wikimedia Commons, Twitter

Gene Simmons likes to spice up his morning bowl of cereal by adding ice cubes to it. Yes, you heard that right. The KISS bassist has been doing this for over 30 years, and his son can confirm it.

#7 Bella Ramsey: Cereal + Orange Juice

Source: HBO, TikTok

Bella Ramsey takes a unique spin on the classic breakfast combo of cereal and milk. She forgoes the dairy altogether and instead pours orange juice over her cereal.

#8 Selena Gomez: Pickle Juice + Popcorn

Source: Instagram, Flickr

Selena Gomez has a particular taste when it comes to her snacks. She likes to add pickle juice to her popcorn, making for a tangy and salty flavor explosion.

#9 Giada De Laurentiis: Cookies + Lemonade

Source: Instagram, Wikimedia Commons, Wikimedia Commons

The renowned Food Network host, Giada De Laurentiis, has a unique way of enjoying her cookies. Instead of eating them alone, she dips them in lemonade to add some zesty flavor.

#10 Jennifer Lawrence: Pizza + Chili + Noodle + Sandwich

Source: Apple TV+, Wikimedia Commons, Shutterstock

Jennifer Lawrence is known for her quirky personality, and her food choices are no different. The Oscar-winning actress invented a strange yet satisfying sandwich. She takes two pieces of pizza, stuffs them with chili and noodles, and voila - a pizza-chili-noodle-sandwich!. And, she claims to have created this masterpiece while being completely sober!
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