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  1. Spider-Man's Iron Spider
  2. Iron Man's Mark III
  3. Captain America's Classic Suit
  4. Thor's Love and Thunder Suit
  5. Scarlet Witch's Attire
  6. Ant-Man Suit
  7. Loki's Attire
  8. Ms. Marvel Suit
  9. Moon Knight's Suit
  10. Black Panther's Suit

10 MCU Costumes That Definitely Got A Glow-Up From Their Comic Counterparts

Besides the action-packed sequences and intriguing overall plot line, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is also widely praised for the unorthodox and aesthetically pleasing outfits for both superheroes and villains alike. It really feels like Marvel Studios’ know how to outdo themselves each time they design a new suit for the iconic characters. From Iron Man’s advanced armors to Thor’s mystical attire, these designers deserve a raise. The fact that they can create an equally impressive costume for the characters in almost every MCU entry is an even more amazing feat.

Of course, some of the characters’ best costumes are largely inspired by their respective Marvel Comics, but the studio has done so well almost every time to make sure the live-action outfit is an upgraded version of its comics counterpart. Today, let’s take a look at these 10 stunning MCU suits from both heroes and villains, and see how Marvel Studios has successfully transitioned our beloved comic costumes into something even better.


#1. Spider-Man's Iron Spider

The original Iron Spider in the comics has a really good design, but the MCU takes it to another level by changing the color scheme to match Spidey’s original red-and-blue. The result is very pleasing.


#2. Iron Man's Mark III

Let’s be honest, when the character first made his comic debut, his initial suits look nowhere as impressive as their MCU versions. The studio has done so well in giving Tony Stark’s Mark III and Mark VI a huge outlook overall, and now Iron Man is still one of the best-looking superheroes in the Avengers.


#3. Captain America's Classic Suit

Marvel chose the best time to bring Steve Rogers’s most comic-accurate original costume onto the big screen in Avengers: Endgame. The slightly darker theme, the minimal design and the iconic chainmail pattern on the torso are easily the best aspects of the suit, and combined with the Mjolnir scene, this is definitely one of Captain America’s best suits in the MCU.


#4. Thor's Love and Thunder Suit

Thor: Love and Thunder might be a miss from Marvel, but at least they did well by giving his armor a huge upgrade. The color scheme overall is more vibrant than ever, and the Viking helmet is an upgrade from the comic counterpart.


#5. Scarlet Witch's Attire

Scarlet Witch’s original comic costume might be a bit too revealing and too comical for a live-action movie, but the MCU has done a good job toning it down a bit. A detailed body suit with a darker red color scheme in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness suits Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda like a glove, and the elaborate crown is another nice touch by the studio. Her comic-accurate suit in WandaVision isn’t too shabby, either.


#6. Ant-Man Suit

Ant-Man’s suit doesn’t look that great in the comic, and we have Marvel Studios to thank for the big glow-up. The overall darker theme and a much more refined helmet are exactly what we need for our live-action Scott Lang.


#7. Loki's Attire

I don’t know if it’s thanks to Tom Hiddleston or not, but Loki’s suit in the MCU looks much more aesthetically pleasing than its comic counterpart. The MCU getup reduces the green color and fur part, and gives the God of Mischief some extra gold in the arms and collar. The black leather in the lower part is also a great move by the studio.


#8. Ms. Marvel Suit

Kamala Khan has a rather peculiar comic costume, so many were skeptical about how Marvel would change it for the better, but the studio has done just that. The iconic red-and-blue color scheme is revamped, and the golden pattern on her torso and arms is a nice touch of artistry from the artists that everyone welcomes.


#9. Moon Knight's Suit

Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight looks almost identical to the comics at first glance, but there are two quite significant changes that the studio has done to make the costume even better. Firstly, the smooth torso part is covered with white-striped bandages, which is a homage to his Egyptian origin, and a reference to Konshu himself. Secondly, the bigger logo on the chest and the extra golden accessories gives the outfit a more complex and royal outlook. And don’t forget the badass transformation scene where Mark put on the suit in the series!


#10. Black Panther's Suit

The original comic Black Panther suit doesn’t look that great, but Marvel artists have done an exceptional job turning it into one of the best costumes in the MCU. The unnecessarily huge collar is removed, and the blue-ish tone is replaced with a black color scheme, which is more accurate to the character’s title. The fanged necklace and the detailed panther mask also give off a more “Black Panther” vibe, and showcase how deeply connected T-Challa’s costume is to his ancestors.

Is there any other MCU suit that you think is better than the comic versions? Let us know in the comment.

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