10+ Hidden Details In Movies That You Probably Have Yet To Discover

If a movie is able to make audiences on the edge of their seats or even fall out of them, it must be a fascinating one. Although audiences have always their eyes on it, you’d be shocked how much they miss. Not only mistakes or plot holes, but audiences can also easily overlook clever details added in the film on purpose for a mind-bending twist or just an extra laugh. ‘
The details can be the smallest ones that wind up explaining away a movie’s mysteries or a nod to other movies.  They can conceal in the background of a scene or come from the character’s saying.
Below are 11 little movie details found and we can’t believe we missed them.

#1 Home Alone

Source: © Home Alone / 20th Century Fox

In “Home Alone”, there are 17 people in total participating in the trip. It means that with 2 vans, they will be split by 8 and 9. So, when Kevin was missing, both vans had 8 people and each group thought they were on the 8-person van.

#2 Knives Out

Source: © Knives Out / Lionsgate

Several holes are seen in Ransom’s sweater. They show his nonchalance toward his wealth and disrespect for his family.

#3 Chip ’n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers

Source: © Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers / Disney+

Look at the big signboard behind the character, we can see Dobby from the Harry Potter series. Probably after finishing his work in the series, he became a model for Gucci.

#4 Don’t Look Up

Source: © Don't Look Up / Netflix

In a scene, Kate says, “A comet bigger than the one that destroyed the dinosaurs is headed directly at Earth”, and at the moment, a guy wearing a dinosaur outfit appears in the background.

#5 Your Name

Source: © Your Name. / Amuse

Many wonder why the tree disappears. It turns out that Mitsuha and Teshi cut down it to make their makeshift café.

#6 Hercules

Source: © Hercules / Walt Disney Pictures

Remember Hades’ saying, “Guys, relax. It’s only half-time”? Well, it exactly at the 46-minute mark, the halfway point of the 92-minute movie.

#7 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Source: © Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince © Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

A witch named Amelia Bones who defended the witch in “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” was killed at her home.

#8 Rocky

Source: © Rocky / Chartoff-Winkler Productions

Due to Talia Shire’s flu, she refused to kiss Sylvester Stallone. That’s why we can’t see the movie couple’s kiss scene in his apartment after their date.

#9 Turning Red

Source: © Turning Red / Walt Disney Pictures

Notice on these girls’ arms, we can see blue patches which are “insulin infusion sets” for type-1 diabetes. The technical supervisor Susan Fong was diagnosed with the disease as a child.

#10 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Source: © Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

In a scene, we see a wizard reading Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History Of Time.

#11 House of the Dragon

Source: © House of the Dragon / HBO

In episode 3 of the movie, filmmakers didn’t edit King Viserys I Targaryen’s missing fingers but let him wear a glove with several green fingers. However, viewers weren’t meant to see the green glove.
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