10 “Good” Characters That Pissed Viewers Off Even More Than The Villains

Every show has a character that we love to hate. Unfortunately, sometimes that guy can be the protagonist. People online have been pointing out “good” characters that pissed viewers off worse than the bad guys, and their reasons make a lot of sense. Some of these guys are super annoying.
So let’s see what about them enraged audiences so much. Here are 10 “good” characters that pissed viewers off so badly they have to quit the show.

1. Meredith Grey — Grey’s Anatomy

“good” characters that pissed viewers off Meredith Grey — Grey’s AnatomySource: ABC/ Courtesy of Everett Collection

A lot of viewers think that Meredith is just a bad person. She is annoying and self-centered. Her character throughout the show is just sulky and petulantly self-righteous, which gets really irritating to watch after a while.

2. Carrie Bradshaw — Sex and the City

“good” characters that pissed viewers off Carrie Bradshaw — Sex and the CitySource: HBO/ Courtesy of Everett Collection

Carrie Bradshaw is the worst character in the whole franchise. She is a bad friend. Despite being a grownup woman, Carrie learned nothing from her mistakes and would get herself in the same shitty situation again and again. Plus, she basically became the villain after she cheated on Aiden. She and Mr. Big deserved each other because they were both self-absorbed a-holes.

3. Sheldon Cooper — The Big Bang Theory

“good” characters that pissed viewers off Sheldon Cooper — The Big Bang TheorySource: CBS/ Courtesy of Everett Collection

Sheldon was annoying in the first season, but he downright became a jerk later on. He would be a terrible friend, neighbor, classmate, co-worker, or acquaintance to everyone around him. If you encounter someone like Sheldon in real life, you will probably want to punch him in the face rather than befriend him. It only gets worse after Young Sheldon. You can see that he remembers none of the lessons he is taught in early life about humility, maturity, and being a good person.

4. Eleven — Stranger Things

“good” characters that pissed viewers off Eleven — Stranger ThingsSource: Netflix/ Courtesy of Everett Collection

In the first season, Eleven is quite cool. However, her character became very repetitive and predictable after that. Her whole arc was just screaming and crying a lot. It'll probably be better if she just does the extra-loud powerful scream that kills the monster instead of saving it until the end.

5. Piper Chapman — Orange Is the New Black

“good” characters that pissed viewers off Piper Chapman — Orange Is the New BlackSource: Netflix/ Courtesy of Everett Collection

Among all the “good” characters that pissed viewers off even worse than the bad guy, Piper in Orange is the New Black is infamous. Viewers can't stand her. She was a spoiled bard who acted as if the world wronged her while staying the most privileged character in the show. Not only did the viewers get annoyed with her, everyone in the show kept telling how much of an a-hole Piper was throughout the entire season. Seriously, nobody can stand her.

6. Dobby — Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Dobby — Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsSource: Warner Bros. Pictures/ Courtesy of Everett Collection

Dobby is not at all as kind as a lot of people thought. His relationship with Harry was toxic and terrible. Harry finally found some friendship and happiness in his life by attending Hogwarts. Dobby, a manipulative control freak, would go on and try to convince him that those friends wanted nothing to do with him.
He even tried to get Harry expelled from Hogwarts, the only home he had, and not even say the reason for it. And Dobby also failed at warning Harry, or Dumbledore, “Hey, someone is trying to kill people with the Chamber of Secrets to bring back Voldemort.”

7. Amy March — Little Women

Amy March — Little WomenSource: Sony Pictures Releasing/ Courtesy of Everett Collection

Amy March is not a good role model. In the book, she was a girl who was only interested in clothes, ribbons, and laces. She destroyed her sister’s writing, ran off to have a vacation in Europe while Beath died and Jo suffered, and did many other terrible things. She was the weakest of the sisters yet she had all the best things on the silver plate for her. The ending where she ends up with Laurie will make many viewers forever sour.

8. Ross Geller — Friends

Ross Geller — FriendsSource: NBC/ Courtesy of Everett Collection

Ross is a whiny man-child who refuses to grow up. The episode at Rachel’s office is so bad. He ignores everything she says. He didn't see Rachel as who she is, but only the idea of her. If Ross was real, everybody would be sick of him and try to avoid him like a plague.

9. Serena van der Woodsen — Gossip Girl

Serena van der Woodsen — Gossip GirlSource: The CW/ Courtesy of Everett Collection

The show tried to make Serena the example of “rich pretty girls have problems too,” but they failed miserably. Every time they tried to make her more relatable, she just became annoying. She is smart and she has everything to do well in life, but she does nothing with her money and spends her entire time wanting to be in the spotlight. Serena is a spoiled princess who never learns from past mistakes. When it comes to what she wants, she can't take "no" for an answer.

10. Rory Gilmore — Gilmore Girls

Rory Gilmore — Gilmore GirlsSource: The WB/ Courtesy of Everett Collection

Rory Gilmore becomes worse and worse after season 2. She went from a snarky, clever girl to a manic pixie dream girl who acts like she knows everything. The fact that every single guy she meets falls desperately, hopelessly in love with her doesn't help. It only pissed people who watched the show even more. Rory has no character development, and throughout the show, she refuses to grow. She just can’t fathom why the world won’t just give her what she wants.
Those are some “good” characters that pissed viewers off even more than the villains. Do you also hate these guys or do you think they’re okay? On the other hand, we have some beloved movie adaptation characters that are so good they become the original images in our heads. Check them out here!
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