10 Famous People Who Are Animal Rights Activists

Are you an animal lover? It's not just you. And you'll likely be delighted to find that a lot of well-known performers, entertainers, and athletes advocate for animal rights. Many of your favorite celebrities utilize their notoriety to highlight animal abuse or to promote the idea that all pet owners should adopt rather than buy their furry friends. These celebrities are fervent animal advocates that care deeply about saving animals, whether it is sharks in California, dogs and cats in their own neighborhoods, or elephants in Africa.

Some even work with PETA to advocate a vegan diet and an end to industrial farming, while others serve on the boards of organizations like the Sea Shepard Conservation Society and the World Wildlife Fund. Everyone on this list of famous people who support animal rights cares a great deal about animal rights and animal welfare, regardless of their method of support. Do you find it surprising that so many famous people support animal welfare? How do you support the rights of animals? Share your thoughts below in the comment section.


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The model and actress from Canada gained notoriety for her lead part in Baywatch. The well-known vegetarian devotes her time and energy to spreading the word about factory farming's cruel practices. Anderson said that people should be free to eat whatever they want, which goes against what PETA and its supporters believe.

This conflicts with a recent letter she wrote to the Chinese premier on behalf of PETA urging him to support veganism in order to stem the escalating climate crisis. Indeed, there are ups and downs to activism.


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She was given the PETCO Foundation's HOPE Award in 2011 for her admirable efforts to protect animals. All across the world, but particularly in Rwanda, where she supported the creation of a facility to protect critically endangered mountain gorillas through her marriage, Ellen is felt.

She additionally promotes animal welfare on her well-liked US talk program. Among the visitors, she enjoyed entertaining was Dwayne Johnson. They talked about how endangered wildlife is, particularly mountain gorillas, whom she is working so hard to protect.


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In recognition of his work to safeguard endangered species, Leonardo DiCaprio gets a beetle named after him. In 1998, he established the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. His main environmental interests include the protection of marine life, global warming, and of course, animals.

His charity mostly collaborates with other organizations, such as the World Wildlife Fund and the Wildlife Foundation, to accomplish its goals. His foundation is currently marking 20 years of defending nature, in addition to his lifelong passion for saving endangered wildlife.


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The Ian Somerhalder Foundation, of which Ian Somerhalder is the creator, is well-known for its support of animal rights. Through its young affiliates, the Vampire Diaries star's nonprofit charity raised awareness about environmental protection.

According to Somerhalder, the defense of an animal's ecology must go hand in hand with the struggle for its rights. The IS Foundation operates by allocating funding towards world conservation and the advancement of green energy. He is using his notoriety as a model, actor, and producer to advance the cause of conservation.


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After playing the lead in the critically acclaimed series Glee, Lea Michelle gained widespread recognition. Her decision to avoid eating meat among her other undertakings is a testament to her fight for animal welfare.

When L'Oréal started using animals to test their cosmetics before approving them for sale in China, Michele sparked a significant uproar. It was comforting to know that Michele was steadfast in her fight for animal rights at a time when she had recently been selected as the face of L'Oréal in Paris.


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The legendary actress passed away at the age of 80 after reaching remarkable heights in animal protection causes. Through her work with Farm Sanctuary in denouncing the brutality committed in industrial farming, Mary Moore made an unrivaled contribution to PETA's history of animal rights advocacy.

The New York City yearly animal awareness and adoption event Broadway Barks was co-founded by the vegetarian. She was the driving force behind a movement urging would-be pet owners to obtain their animals from shelters rather than pet shops. She was also an advocate for children's health and human rights.



One of the most passionate anti-fur campaigners in the world is Alicia Silverstone. The actress gained notoriety because of her parts in The Crush and Clueless, for which she later signed a $10 million deal with Sony. She later changed course and started working as a lifestyle coach, attempting to persuade other mothers and famous people of the value of being vegan and the cruelty of using fur and other animal products.

When she learned that she was an animal lover who used animal products, she converted to veganism. Additionally, she violated her own guidelines by posing nude on a PETA billboard, saying that she would rather be naked than wear fur.


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The stunning Polish model and actress is well-known for her work as America's Next Top Model's host and chief judge as well as her role as a cast member of Bravo's Real Housewives of Miami. Her unwavering commitment to advocating for pet adoption over pet purchasing is quite impressive.

She thinks that all animals should be treated with dignity and fairness because she is a dog parent. Angels for Animal Rescue receives donations from Joanna's pet accessories and lifestyle company, Krupaws. She continues to participate in PETA campaigns that oppose wearing fur clothing.


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Hayden Panettiere's love of dolphins inspired her to advocate for the welfare of marine species. She collaborates closely with the Whaleman Foundation, which seeks to stop whaling from causing marine mammals' impending extinction. For the Oscar-winning documentary The Cove, she accompanied filmmaker Louie Psihoyos in recording the cruel murder of whales in Japan.

The driven 22-year-old actively promotes animal rights on social media and thinks that the Whaleman foundation's objectives are doable and practical.


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Stella has always spoken out for animals because she is the daughter of an animal rights activist and did so even before she was well-known. By establishing her animal-friendly business, McCartney has gone one step further in her support for animal welfare. Her vegan line is unique in that it doesn't contain any skin, fur, feathers, or leather. Her company makes shoes out of alter-nappe rather than leather.

She is also attempting to make her synthetic fibers from recyclable sources. A quick glance at her website demonstrates that her company is the sustainable fashion leader of the future. Her materials are being used in designs created by companies like Adidas.

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