10 Faces Who Should Be Cast in Upcoming God of War Live-Action Series

Sony’s God of War series is one of the best video game epics. The plan to reimagine the series has been made official by the production firm. This used to be a terrible idea, but The Last of Us showed how expertly a video game could be adapted, so it’s obvious that fans everywhere should be excited. There are many uncertainties, but Amazon is getting ready to quickly make this a reality.

Will the show, for example, begin with the Greek epic in which the Ghost of Sparta battles his way to the title role of God of War before slaughtering the whole pantheon? Or will it start with the far more visually striking Norse story that just concluded with God of War: Ragnarok? In either case, everyone is curious to find out who will be in the television series. Ten potential actors for the God of War series are listed below.

#1 Kristofer Hivju as Ares

#2 Ruth Wilson as Athena

#3 Stephen Lang as Zeus

#4 Eva Green as Freya

#5 Charles Dance as Odin

#6 Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson as Thor

#7 Bill Nighy as Mimir

#8 Bill Skarsgård as Baldur

#9 Walker Scobell as Atreus

#10 Jason Momoa as Kratos