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  1. 10. Disney Somehow Completely Left Romance Behind
  2. 9. Disney Used To Find Inspiration In Classic Books
  3. 8. Talking Animals: A Much-loved Disney Theme
  4. 7. Funny Bloopers Used To Add Extra Laughs To Movies
  5. 6. Trippy Sequences That Mesmerized Audiences
  6. 5. Disney Shouldn't Have Left 2D Animation Behind
  7. 4. Modern Disney Settings Lack The Magic
  8. 3. Fans Miss Disney's Wacky Humor
  9. 2. New Disney Films Cater More To Kids than Adults
  10. 1. Disney Villains Used To Be Legendary

10 Disney Common Clichés We're Actually Begging To Make A Return

There's no denying that Disney has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years. Its characters have blossomed into complex beings, the narratives have delved deeper into profound themes, and the studio has bid farewell to some exhausted storytelling tropes. Yet, in the midst of this ambitious journey, Disney has inadvertently let go of many elements that fans held dear.

While Disney enthusiasts acknowledge and appreciate the studio's evolution, there is an undeniable sentiment that the enchantment of Disney's magic is gradually fading. This sentiment stems largely from the absence of certain cherished tropes that were once synonymous with the Disney experience. The old-fashioned charm, the predictable yet heartwarming plot twists, and the catchy musical numbers that swept us off our feet seem to have become casualties of progress.

Imagine a world where Disney seamlessly combines the nostalgia-inducing elements that made us fall in love with their films, with the innovative techniques and captivating narratives that have propelled the studio forward! Well, that’ll be worth a wish!


10. Disney Somehow Completely Left Romance Behind

For a long time, Disney Movies revolved around love stories. But things have changed. Now, main characters like Elsa from Frozen or Moana don't need romantic interests to shine. On one hand, it's great that female characters aren't defined solely by their relationships. However, it seems like Disney has completely left romance in the dust.

Having a good love story is fine, as long as it's healthy. Disney shouldn't go back to making only romance movies, but it would be nice to see some variety. Right now, all Disney films focus on family bonds, but it would be refreshing to explore different themes.


9. Disney Used To Find Inspiration In Classic Books

Many older Disney movies were based on famous literary works. In fact, Disney played a big role in making these stories popular. Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo, and The Lion King, which drew from Shakespeare's Hamlet, are just a few examples.

However, Disney has shifted its focus to original stories and fairy tales. Yet, there's something about adapting books that Disney hasn't quite captured in recent times. There are so many fascinating stories out there that would benefit from a touch of Disney magic.


8. Talking Animals: A Much-loved Disney Theme

From The Lion King to Brother Bear to Finding Nemo, some of Disney's most beloved movies featured talking animals. These films brought animals to life and gave them human-like qualities.

They offered a glimpse into a world that humans could only dream of. But in recent years, Disney has shifted its focus to human stories, leaving animals behind. Losing this element has taken away some of the enchantment that Disney was known for in the '90s and early 2000s.


7. Funny Bloopers Used To Add Extra Laughs To Movies

Once upon a time, movies had something special after the credits rolled: bloopers! These hilarious outtakes showed the audience the funny moments that happened behind the scenes during filming. Bloopers were like precious gems, especially when included as bonus content on DVDs.

Even though Disney didn't actually film these bloopers, they made an effort to be a part of this tradition. Many Disney films had bloopers that made it seem like the characters themselves were actors, bringing an extra dose of magic. Sadly, fans don't get to enjoy this kind of content anymore.


6. Trippy Sequences That Mesmerized Audiences

One of the most memorable scenes in Disney history is the surreal and strange moment in Dumbo when he sees "Pink Elephants on Parade" after getting tipsy. This sequence, influenced by the surreal art of Salvador Dalí, was a true masterpiece of animation, despite the film's problematic aspects.

It's safe to say that Disney doesn't create these types of sequences anymore. While some movies still have random musical numbers, they lack the artistic flair of the past. Nowadays, it's more about looking visually pleasing, but in the past, it was all about the absurdity that captivated audiences.


5. Disney Shouldn't Have Left 2D Animation Behind

After more than 70 years, Disney bid farewell to 2D animated movies with The Princess and the Frog. From that point on, the studio fully embraced 3D animation. It makes sense since CGI is faster, cheaper, and visually stunning. However, this transition has also made Disney movies somewhat generic.

There have been rumors that Disney might return to 2D animation for their adaptation of the French folktale Bluebeard, but nothing has been confirmed yet. In the meantime, fans will have to revisit older movies to experience that unique texture that only traditional animation can offer.


4. Modern Disney Settings Lack The Magic

One of the things that changed with 3D animation is the dreamlike feeling that older Disney films had. Hand-drawn art didn't allow for intricate details, and these films were set in fantastical places like the deep sea, enchanted kingdoms, or mysterious forests.

As computerized imagery became popular, Disney movies gained more realistic perspectives, creating a down-to-earth environment. Fans took these details for granted, but as Disney focuses on sensible settings, it's losing some of its visual enchantment.


3. Fans Miss Disney's Wacky Humor

One noticeable change in Disney over the years is its humor. The films went from having wild and colorful plots with eccentric characters to more grounded and relatable stories. Modern Disney movies still have plenty of funny moments, but they lack the absurd humor of the past.

Fans miss the quirkiness of characters like Timon and Pumbaa or Yzma and Kronk. While it's good to reflect on certain topics, it's also important to have movies solely for Entertainment purposes.


2. New Disney Films Cater More To Kids than Adults

While Disney movies are enjoyed by all ages, recent films tend to focus more on child and teenage protagonists. This makes them perfect for younger audiences but less engaging for adults. In contrast, films like Hercules and The Lion King depicted the protagonists' growth from adolescence to adulthood.

Nowadays, Disney movies often revolve around conflicts specific to a certain age group, missing the opportunity to explore more mature themes.


1. Disney Villains Used To Be Legendary

In recent years, Disney has shifted its focus to internal struggles and personal growth as sources of conflict. Even when there are villains, like Hans in Frozen, the central plot revolves around the protagonist's self-acceptance. In movies like Moana, the supposed villain, T'Fiti, is actually a misunderstood character.

While it's commendable that Disney is developing more complex characters, the iconic villains of the past were a major highlight. It would be interesting to see such captivating villains make a comeback in modern Disney storytelling.

What if Disney could find a sweet spot between the old and new tropes? That could make their movies even more amazing! We'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Share with us in the comments!

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