10 Deleted Movie Scenes That Will Blow Your Mind

Not every scene that is filmed during a movie's production will inevitably be included in the finished result. After all, having a bit too much material to work with throughout the editing process is preferable to having too little. However, this may lead to some fantastic moments being omitted from the final edit and only appearing (if they're lucky) as extra materials on a film's DVD or Blu-ray release.
These sequences were originally going to be in the finished picture, but between shooting and the movie's eventual release, they were eliminated. The majority are from excellent films that you wouldn't want to alter significantly since doing so may destroy the flow. On the other hand, given how incredible each of these moments is, fans have questioned what the theatrical versions of these films would have looked like if the aforementioned sections had not been omitted.
Here are 10 deleted movie scenes That You Won’t Believe Actually Happened.

#1 Patrizia And Pina's Sexual Relationship - House Of Gucci

Deleted Movie ScenesSource: Universal Picture

If Lady Gaga and Salma Hayek had their way, a "sexual relationship" that ultimately didn't get it out of the editing room would have existed in Ridley Scott's latest House of Gucci crime drama.
The Patrizia actress would disclose during an awards screening of the movie that scenes with her and Salma Hayek's character Pina establishing a sexual connection together were explored on set, giving viewers a little insight into the director's creative process.
Also, Gaga would see how Scott willingly permitted his stars to travel there, recalling asking Hayek on the day, "So, after Maurizio dies, maybe... it gets hot?"
It is still unclear why Scott decided to cut the scene in which his actors explored this improvisational aspect of their characters' relationships from the film that was released in theaters. Her co-star responded, "You think she's kidding!" to the surprise discovery.
While Gaga hinted at a hypothetical "director's cut, who knows?" it appears she is still optimistic that one day viewers will be able to experience their heated exchanges. through the exchange.

#2 Arwen And Aragorn's Courtship Days - The Lord Of The Rings

Deleted Movie ScenesSource: New Line Cinema

It turns out that Peter Jackson actually manage to leave out a captivating portion of the Lord of the Rings action despite finally releasing a succession of apparently endless extended editions that arrived just filled with wonderful new sequences of Middle-earth bliss.
That is, at least, what the King of Gondor claims, with Viggo Mortensen later confessing that he once shot a scene that was later cut that featured Aragorn and Liv Tyler's Arwen during their early courtship. This was around the time of the 4K release of the Rings trilogy.
Mortensen was reportedly beardless and "prettied up" during the scene that was ultimately cut, with the film's production crew attempting to make him appear "as young as possible" before dressing him as an elf. The couple strolling across a floral field in a moment that was literally lifted from the pages was referred to as a "beautiful sequence" by the eventual Academy Award candidate.
Yet, Jackson believed that this deeper look into the couple's romantic history was unnecessary, therefore Viggo and the rest of the world have yet to see a scene that the actor himself cherished filming.

#3 Mother Tries To Baby Feed Rat Into Justin Long's Mouth - Barbarian

Deleted Movie ScenesSource: Fox

It turns out that Barbarian very nearly had yet another terrifying scene, just when you thought it was physically impossible to make a movie more unsettling and terrible than the one Zach Cregger managed to creepily put together last year.
When creating the very horrific character AJ for the popular horror film, Justin Long would later recall that he also shot a terrifying scene featuring the creepy Mother that was ultimately deleted from the final product.
The sequence, as Long himself, acknowledged, "took it to another level" and would have seen a horrified AJ attempting to fight against his kidnapper. The result of this conflict with Mother was that she bit the head of a nearby rat, chewed it, and tried to "baby bird it" into the mouth of her newborn.
Warm, "bloody" prosciutto was used to get the desired impression, which naturally made the actor cringe at the notion of ever eating the flesh again. funny enough, though, later that night while devouring a prosciutto-filled sandwich, Long admitted that he had done just that and "couldn't help it."
Hopefully this time, he took it in a conventional manner.

#4 Tobey Maguire's Spidey Rematch With Willem Dafoe's Goblin - Spider-Man: No Way Home

Deleted Movie ScenesSource: Marvel Studios

It's difficult to be disappointed by a Spider-Man movie when it still features three separate live-action Web-slingers cracking wise and several of the Wall-crawlers' most interesting foes engaging the trio of Spider-Men.
No Way Home did, however, also come dangerously close to releasing yet another crowd-pleasing event that, regrettably, didn't manage to make the final edit.
In the MCU film's "Three Big Bad" featurette, it was made plain that Jon Watts had intended for Willem Dafoe's Goblin and Tobey Maguire's Peter-2 to engage in combat while perched atop the former's glider.
Yet for whatever reason, Watts and company decided it would be better to exclude this specific epic rematch from the feature's thrilling climax.
Again, during that conclusion, Maguire's Parker at least has a few good scenes with Doc Ock and Sandman. Yet for those leaving the multiverse chaos, not getting to see his Spidey battle Norman Osborn one final time probably left them feeling just a little bit let down.
Even still, it wasn't the worst thing in the world to watch Tom Holland's Spidey battle the green menace on a couple of horrific times.

#5 The Scarlet Witch Decapitates Mordo - Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness

Deleted Movie ScenesSource: Disney

There was a time during Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness when Sam Raimi genuinely promised to become even more unpleasant. It may already include some of the most shockingly brutal graphics ever added to an MCU film.
Raimi and writer Michael Waldron discussed a scene in the universe-jumping story when Elizabeth Olsen's Scarlet Witch brutalized yet another well-known character during the audio commentary that came with the super-digital film's release.
Wanda Maximoff, a former friend of Stephen Strange, almost perished earlier in the day when Mordo from world 616 attempted to seize her abilities. And this untimely demise would ultimately have contributed to another eerie scenario in which the Scarlet Witch would have given the Master of the Mystic Arts Mordo's severed skull.
Raimi's final words on the now-deleted scene of savagery that would've seen Wanda cutting "we had to lose it" as Waldron described it, were that "his head off right halfway through his ears" since it ultimately dragged down the picture too much. Yikes.

#6 The Mona Lisa Was Actually Fine - Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

Deleted Movie ScenesSource: Netflix

The Mona Lisa was spectacularly burned to a crisp in Rian Johnson's new Knives Out sequel, Glass Onion, which ended with one hell of a jaw-dropping turn of events.
Benoit Blanc's second filmic inquiry comes to a thrilling conclusion with the burning of such a famous work of art in the midst of Miles' life and Helen lovingly destroying the mansion.
According to Johnson, there was really a moment during the closing credits that came very close to softening this devastating blow.
This epilogue would have seen Blanc blowing to a French-speaking person, and his "ah, oui, oui, merci" would have opened the door for a shot of the genuine Mona Lisa being securely housed in a Louvre office.
Nevertheless, the filmmaker ultimately opted against this surprise reveal because she didn't want to "pull a punch" saying, "I like that the real painting gets destroyed in the movie."
Yet, it is important to note that no actual Mona Lisas were injured in the making of this film. The one used in the movie, however, was made by "a very talented, local Belgrade artist" and the team was required to record themselves burning it once they had done filming to guarantee that it would not end up on the black market for replicas.

#7 Lena Headey, Jeff Goldblum & Peter Dinklage's "Not Good Enough" Cameos - Thor: Love & Thunder

Source: Marvel Studios

Although Love and Thunder nevertheless managed to be one of the most outrageous MCU excursions to date thanks to funny screaming goats and the God of Thunder's ass-cheeks, Taika Waititi's second Thor actually had a ton of other memorable sequences that were cut from the final product.
Another group of fascinating super-scenes wasn't considered appropriate for the completed divine sequel either, despite Christian Bale's admission that he and Waititi pushed Gorr the God Butcher into some very rated-R area during the production in an effort to push things as far as they could.
Instead, to use Taika's words, the scenes that would have included the triumphant Grandmaster's comeback, Infinity War's great dwarf Eitri, portrayed by Jeff Goldblum and Peter Dinklage, respectively, and Lena Headey's MCU debut from Game of Thrones just weren't "good enough" to be included.
The Oscar-winning director finally gave a fairly devastating blow to anyone hoping to one day decide whether or not these star-studded deleted scenes were up to par, saying bluntly, "I don’t want people to see the deleted scenes because they’re deleted for a reason."
Taika was obviously not a fan of what Bale had in the can, despite Bale's comment that his deleted scenes with Dinklage and Goldblum had "beautiful, brilliant stuff" in his opinion.

#8 Paul Rudd's Blind Date - Bridesmaids

Source: The Weinstein Company

In Paul Feig's 2011 blockbuster Bridesmaids, which almost included further Paul Rudd's greatness, one of Hollywood's most beloved comedic talents was getting ready to make one heck of an unexpected cameo appearance.
The scene in question would have shown Rudd portraying one of Annie's disastrous dates, playing an out-of-character hot-headed diva who loses his cool after his finger is cut off mid-ice skating excursion. Rudd would later go on to feature in Ant-Man. The scene had performed well in the early showing, and Kristen Wiig had remarked that "people just went crazy" when Rudd's funny performance appeared in the movie.
Yet because the side-splitting film's original edit was too stinking lengthy, the agonizing choice was ultimately made to forgo this unexpected cameo.
Feig even went so far as to call Rudd's performance "one of the funniest things I've ever been a witness to." but that still wasn't enough to prevent him from having to "kill his baby" so to speak, because the director felt it didn't "ring true" that Annie would be torn between Chris O'Dowd's Nathan and Jonn Hamm's Ted while also going on numerous blind dates at the same time.

#9 Peter Reunites With His Father - The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Source: Sony

So let's return to the Spider-Verse and talk about a scene that, if it had truly happened while Andrew Garfield was wearing the famous costume, would have probably been one of the most shocking turns in Spider-Man history.
After the scene where Peter Parker is shown frequently visiting the grave of his tragically deceased fiancée Gwen Stacy, a deleted scene would have made the startling revelation that Parker's deceased father wasn't truly dead after all.
Richard Parker, who was last seen dying in a plane accident with Peter's mother, makes a stunning entrance back into his son's life. This sparks one of the most emotional scenes in any Spider-Man movie as our Spider-Man adjusts to this major turning point in his life.
Along with the fact that his mother is unquestionably dead—a revelation that has a particularly painful effect on the relationship between the two Parker men—Richard would have also delivered the famous statement, "with great power comes great responsibility" in the subsequent scene.
With all the suffering and heartbreak that both the fans and Peter experienced in the 2014 sequel, it's still puzzling why this late glimmer of optimism was eventually rejected for the final product.

#10 Velma And Daphne Share A Kiss - Scooby-Doo

Source: Warner Bros.

There have been rumors about an alleged romance between Daphne and Velma throughout the events of the first live-action Scooby-Doo movie for a long, and writer James Gunn has confirmed that Velma was openly homosexual in his original script.
Yet the studio continually diluted this facet of the character. Also, a scene with Sarah Michelle Gellar's Daphne and Velma kissing was allegedly recorded but not included in the final product.
Gellar quickly said that she was unaware of the fate of the removed sequence after this disclosure. For those who are curious about the timeline of this deleted moment, the actor said in 2002 that the kiss would have appeared during the magical body-swapping scene.
Daphne and Velma quickly agreed that they may as well attempt a short smooch and see if it did the trick because they had no idea how to get the appropriate souls back in the right bodies. That would have, too.
But, the people in charge obviously weren't thrilled to broadcast a sexy moment Gellar believes "the world wants to see" thus this particular Mystery Inc. snog never made it to the public eye.
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