10 Celebrities Who Are Rather Strict But Turn To Be an Angel In Fans' Eyes

When it comes to celebrities’ treatment of their fans, there are basically always two different types of people. There are celebs who despise being bothered in public and don’t want the fan base that comes with fame. Meanwhile, some stars realize that they wouldn’t have a career without a fanbase, so they’re appropriately grateful. And they express their love for their fans as much as the fans love for them. These celebrities Who Are Strict might surprise you (or not).
Take a look at the most memorable stories of celebrities changing their fans’ lives for the better. In terms of their interactions with social media, several of these stars have a pretty bad reputation, yet these heartwarming moments just might change your mind. Keep reading for more details! These Celebrities are pretty strict. 

#1 Simon Cowell

Celebrities Who Are StrictSource: JEAN-BAPTISTE LACROIX / AFP / East News

Simon Cowell is not really that tough, despite the fact that he is known for his criticism of televised talent programs. In 2018, he assisted Zac, a 4-year-old kid, in collecting funds for his cancer treatment. He made a sizeable personal gift to the charity and posted a video asking for support, which sped up donations.

#2 Emma Watson

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Emma Watson has a particular rule that she will not pose for photographs with random people. She still treats her fans with kindness and respect, though. She frequently sits down to talk with them, respond to their Harry Potter-related inquiries, and even makes an exception to take photographs with little children.
She once spoke with the mother of a fan at a store and consented to make a video call to the young girl. The young girl was preparing for a test, and the actress even encouraged her.

#3 Zach Galifianakis

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Before fame, the actor used to go to a laundromat where he built a close friendship with Mimi, an elderly homeless woman who was over 80 years old. Zach Galifianakis shot to stardom following The Hangover's debut. He subsequently made the decision to assist his old buddy by renting Mimi a flat. Renée Zellweger, an actress, also contributed to furnishing the new house.

#4 Guillermo del Toro

Celebrities Who Are StrictSource: The Grosby Group / EAST NEWS

For many years, the well-known director of films has encouraged students' aspirations. For instance, he pledged to cover 12 young people's travel costs to the South African Mathematics Olympics in 2018. In addition, he sponsors a scholarship program for Mexicans seeking to enroll in a prestigious animation program, which he just extended for another ten years in memory of his mother. He declared, . “If we change a life, if we change a story, we change a generation,”

#5 Nicki Minaj

Source: Moritz Thibaud / ABACA / Abaca / East News

Celebrity Nicki Minaj is concerned about her followers' education. She has been responding to her fans' social media support requests for many years. She has covered the costs of books, classes, tuition, and other fees for deserving students who lack the funding to continue their education. Many of them have even expressed gratitude to the singer for her help in enabling them to get their college degrees.

#6 John Cena

Source: AP / East News, © MediaPunch Inc / Alamy Stock Photo

The actor-wrestler has set a Guinness World Record for the most children's wishes granted. “I want them to have an experience that will stay with them forever,” he added. John Cena has been able to fulfill the desires of 650 very sick children who wished to meet and spend time with him thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Typically, Cena spends the day with them and their families, takes photographs with them, and on rare occasions even takes them to witness the work that goes on behind the scenes of the ring.

#7 Taylor Swift

Source: Invision / East News, © Taylor Swift / Youtube

The singer is renowned for showing her fans a lot of kindness. She never misses an opportunity to express her gratitude to her audience and does not hold back when doing so. She hosted parties in her house for the release of one of her albums, allowing admirers to hear her music before anybody else and even providing them with baked cookies. Additionally, she gives them gifts for Christmas, attended a fan's bachelorette celebration with homemade gifts, and even assisted a fan in purchasing a home after learning that she was homeless.

#8 Shaquille O’Neal


The basketball legend never holds back when it comes to presenting presents to his followers. “I try to make every day a meaningful moment for a fan, especially a child.”
He's given free food or groceries to a few random people who have crossed his way. Shaquille once donated scooters and bicycles to kids playing on the street, and once he bought an engagement ring for a man he met at a jewelry shop. He even provided the family of a paralyzed youngster with a year's worth of rent on a modest house.

#9 Keanu Reeves

Source: © TODAY / Youtube, Avalon / Photoshot / East News

Keanu is one of the most adored stars in Hollywood, and not just because of his outstanding acting abilities but also because of his admirable traits as a person. He recently attended the wedding of a fan, for instance, who he had only recently met at the hotel where he was staying. The pair stated he was really courteous and took the time to converse and take photographs with them despite the fact that he only stayed a short while.
The actor has, nevertheless, actively given to a number of organisations. He established his own charity for this purpose and donated 70% of the money he made from the Matrix film to cancer research.

#10 Katy Perry

Source: Invision / Invision / East News, © katyperry / Instagram

The artist tries to interact with fans and give to various charities on each tour. She once went to see a little fan named Grace who was unable to attend her much anticipated performance because she was recovering from surgery for a brain tumor. After discovering this, Katy Perry visited the little girl's home and spent the afternoon with the girl's family. The young girl will undoubtedly remember the event for a very long time because they sang together, spoke, and took photographs.
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