10 Brilliant Details From Iconic Movies That Slipped Right Through Your Mind

Good movies can make us watch them over and over again without ever feeling bored. We might know how the stories will turn out to be already, but each rewatch gives us new details and hints we never noticed before. These brilliant hidden details from iconic movies are what makes us keep coming back for more.
Not all people can spot these hints, but they are there and they make the movie ten times more interesting after you know about them. So here are 10 details from iconic movies that you might have missed.

1. Midsommar

details from iconic movies Midsommar, midsommar detailsSource: A24 / Courtesy of Everett Collection

There was a major spoiler right at the beginning of Midsommar. If you take a good look at the beautiful tapestry, you will see that all the story’s twists are depicted right there. Clever eh?

2. Harry Potter

details from iconic movies Harry Potter, <a href=funny harry potter shirt" />Source: Warner Bros. Pictures / Courtesy of Everett Collection

Hate him or love him, you gotta admit that Snape is an incredibly perceptive man. During this scene, he immediately realized who was hiding under Professor Quirrell’s turban. As soon as Harry’s scar started hurting, Snape looked over at Quirrell with clear suspicion.

3. Pirates of the Caribbean

details from iconic movies Pirates of the CaribbeanSource: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Courtesy of Everett Collection

This one is quite a clever foreshadowing detail. In the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie, you can spot an indigenous man wearing a wig that looks a lot like the one that Governor Swann used to wear. It’s a hint about the death of Elizabeth’s father, which she only find out in the third film.

4. Titanic

details from iconic movies TitanicSource: 20th Century Fox / Courtesy of Everett Collection

We have been fooled all along. The life raft that Rose is lying on during the final scenes of the movie is not a door. It’s a door frame. It takes inspiration from the most famous complete piece of debris from the real Titanic. You can see the original version at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in Nova Scotia.

5. Back to the Future

details from iconic movies Back to the FutureSource: Universal Pictures / Courtesy of Everett Collection

Marty McFly’s son has a lot of common features with his father, and they make him look like the exact copy of Marty. However, there is one big difference between them: Marty’s eyes are grey while his son has brown eyes.

6. Interstate 60

Interstate 60Source: Samuel Goldwyn Films / Courtesy of Everett Collection

Speaking of Back to the Future, this is one of the details from iconic movies that not many people can find. The clock here in this scene on Interstate 60 reads 10:04, which is the same time frozen on the clock tower in Back to the Future. Another reference is the background music playing when Neal first sees his birthday gift, which is a red BMW convertible. It’s the same tune when Marty opens the garage to see his new truck.

7. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last JediSource: Walt Disney Pictures / Courtesy of Everett Collection

Fans with sharp eyes can notice that there is no footprint left behind when Luke fights Kylo Ren in The Last Jedi. That is because Luke wasn’t really there, it’s just a Force Projection. Other hinting details you might also notice are how he looks much younger and has a different hairstyle and clothing. Plus, the lightsaber he was using was destroyed during the fight between Rey and Kylo.

8. Twilight

TwilightSource: Summit Entertainment / Courtesy of Everett Collection

Edward and Bella’s first conversation happens when they are studying onion cells under a microscope. The teacher said that the first group to correctly complete the assignment would be rewarded with a golden onion. In the next scene, Bella was holding a golden onion after the class ended, indicating that she and Edward have won.

9. Evan Almighty

Evan AlmightySource: Universal Pictures / Courtesy of Everett Collection

In Evan Almighty, when God met Evan’s wife under his disguise as a server, the name tag on his shirt reads “Al Mighty.”

10. Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Mr. & Mrs. SmithSource: 20th Century Fox / Courtesy of Everett Collection

Brad Pitt’s character in Mr. & Mrs. Smith is an assassin. During the carnival scene where he wants to get his wife a prize at the shooting range, he closes his left eye to aim and then opens it to retain peripheral vision. Snipers in real life do this too, and it’s a hint about his abilities with weapons that would later be shown in the movie.
Those are some details from iconic movies that you might not notice from your first time watching these flicks. And these films aren’t the only ones with many interesting hints in them. You can find interesting Easter eggs in your old classic holiday movies too. Check them out here!
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