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  1. Sasha Calle’s Supergirl Suit
  2. Harley Quinn’s Suicide Squad Suit
  3. Shazam: Fury of the Gods Suit
  4. Black Adam Suit
  5. Superman’s Man of Steel Suit
  6. Superman’s Justice League Black Suit
  7. Aquaman’s Golden Suit
  8. Wonder Woman 1984 Suit
  9. Batman’s Justice League Suit
  10. Doctor Fate’s Suit

10 Best DCEU Superhero Suits That Will Make The Avengers Jealous

With The Flash bombs at the box office worldwide in 2023, Warner Bros.’s ambitious DCEU ends its 10-year run with a rather underwhelming finale. DCEU Movies may not always be a hit, but they sure never miss the aesthetic features of the superhero side. From Superman’s innovative red-and-blue suit upgrade to the visually stunning Doctor Fate costume, the studio always delivers the most incredible outfits ever that could rival the ones in the MCU (of course, barring some failed attempts with Batman and the Flash’s attires).

In this article, let’s look at the 10 best DCEU costumes ever throughout its 10 years run, and hopefully, James Gunn’s new DC Universe can deliver the same, if not better level of aesthetic.


#1. Sasha Calle’s Supergirl Suit

The 2023 movie The Flash is very questionable in terms of visual quality, with subpar CGI and lackluster character designs, such as Affleck’s Batman costume or Barry Allen’s 2013 outfit. However, the film has done just right with Kara Zor-El (Sasha Calle)’s suit, which deviates a bit from its comic counterpart. The sleek design and more balanced color scheme are the best parts of the suit, and earn Supergirl a place in the top ten.


#2. Harley Quinn’s Suicide Squad Suit

While the anti-hero movie itself received mixed reviews from the audience, there’s no denying that Harley Quinn is one of its best parts. Margot Robbie completely nailed the role of the villainess, and her casual outfit in the movie is a nice fresh breeze from the comic one. While her more comic-accurate looks in the 2021 sequel look just as stunning, there’s no denying that the more casual attire here also brings out that chaotic side of Harley Quinn.


#3. Shazam: Fury of the Gods Suit

While the sequel lacks the charms of the first movie, Shazam: Fury of the Gods still impressed the audience with the godly outfits of the whole Shazam family. Especially, Shazam and Mary Marvel’s red-and-yellow designs are among the best of the bunch. The rest of the squad’s suits vary in colors but largely the same design, but there’s enough diversity to make them look like an other-worldly Power Ranger team in action.


#4. Black Adam Suit

Just as the audience expected, Black Adam, Shazam’s meant-to-be adversary, entered the DCEU with a bang. His entrance was absolutely epic, and his smooth suit transformation is just *chef kiss*. The black and gold tone of the suit makes it a nice variation from the Shazam suit, and gives Black Adam that darker personality transitioned from the comics.


#5. Superman’s Man of Steel Suit

Like it or not, Henry Cavill is one of the most iconic versions of Superman there is, and he made his DCEU debut with an absolute stunner of a suit. The iconic red-and-blue garb from the comic has undergone a massive overhaul that changes the original color scheme into a darker tone, and the chainmail pattern throughout the body to boot. By mixing up the classic and modern into the suit, the Man of Steel version of Superman is easily one of his best live-action outfits ever.


#6. Superman’s Justice League Black Suit

The first DCEU Justice League movie was a disaster, but the Snyder Cut, which was released four years later, fixed most of its biggest problems. The remake version also introduced the best Superman suit variation there is, which completely covers the Man of Steel’s attire in black. The black suit immediately becomes a fan-favorite in the Death of Superman’s storyline, and to see it on the big screen is an absolute treat for DC aficionados.


#7. Aquaman’s Golden Suit

Arthur Curry isn’t the most glamorous hero in the comics, but DCEU has successfully transitioned his suit onto the silver screen by giving it a touch of extravagance. Aquaman’s suit in the 2018 titular movie is covered in gold, with sparkling golden scales that were inspired by the comic. The live-action outfit gives Arthur that royalty vibe, which makes him worthy of his Atlantean prince title.


#8. Wonder Woman 1984 Suit

Wonder Woman 1984 may be one of the worst DCEU movies ever, but it did a wonderful job to bring the best ever Diana Prince costume to life. The 1984 version has a much more vibrant color scheme compared to the prequel, and is also more comic-accurate. The wavy golden pattern on the torso also brings out the royalty side in Diana. It’s a shame she ditches this spectacular outfit at the end for that bizarre golden wing suit.


#9. Batman’s Justice League Suit

DCEU has tried to make some tweaks here and there to create the ultimate Batman suit, but it’s the simpler one that does the trick. Bruce Wayne’s Justice League suit is anything but extravagant, as it moves on from the bulky armor in Dawn of Justice. This turns out to be a great change from Warner Bros., giving our Caped Crusader that comic-accurate outlook in the DCEU’s most ambitious crossover movie.


#10. Doctor Fate’s Suit

It’s a shame that Doctor Fate appears only once in the DCEU. Pierce Brosnan completely nailed the supporting role, and he rocks a sensational outfit to boot. It feels like DC has really outdone themselves with the getup, which is absolutely stunning: the golden cape, gloves, belt and helmet give him that abstract and mystical look, which fits his agenda like a glove, and it goes well with the comic-accurate dark blue torso. 

The helmet alone is another brilliant move from the studio, with one side being smooth and the other being edgier, which represents the two sides that Doctor Fate must maintain the balance of: peace and chaos. The DCEU has some brilliant outfit designs in the wardrobe, but this suit is right up there among (if not) the best.

Which other DCEU suits do you think should be included in this list? Let us know in the comment.

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