10 Actors Whom Viewers Almost Could Not See In Iconic Roles

It’s hard to imagine Friends without Jennifer Aniston or Sex and the City without Sarah Jessica Parker. It’s impossible to see someone playing these iconic but in reality, it almost happened. There is a load of reasons why an actor may miss out on a certain opportunity. It’s because they couldn’t get along with the crew or their co-stars, or they have scheduling conflicts that keep them from being around for filming.
Plenty of viewers might have lived in an entirely different timeline or hold other memories today just because they didn’t say yes to offers. However, thank God, they changed their minds and decided to be an important part of the movies.
Below are 10 actors who came pretty close to not portraying their iconic roles.

#1 Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic

Source: © Titanic / Twentieth Century Fox

For his fame, Leonardo though thought that he would get the role of Jack no matter what. he even deemed that he wouldn’t do a test so when he read the lines in front of camera, he was confused. James Cameron told him that if he kept doing like that he would miss the role. So, Leo quickly returned to reality and did a screen test with Kate Winslet quite enthusiastically.

#2 Jon Hamm in Mad Men

Source: © Mad Men / Lionsgate Television

For the lead actor, Jon Hamm underwent numerous auditions. Despite his effort, the network’s senior vice president wasn’t actually interested in his auditions. Thanks to the recommendation of the casting director, he got the role.

#3 Scarlett Johansson in MCU movies

Source: © Black Widow / Marvel Studios

Many might not know that Black Widow was nearly played by Scarlett Johansson. Emily Blunt got the role instead. However, she turned it down because she was contracted for another job. Favreau gave Scarlett Johansson a chance and she got the role.

#4 Morgan Freeman in The Shawshank Redemption

Source: © The Shawshank Redemption / Castle Rock Entertainment

Morgan Freeman read the script of The Shawshank Redemption and really liked it. He wanted to be a part of the movie but after knowing that the character he intended to play was Irish, he turned it down. After all, he was convinced by the creators’ saying that the character wouldn’t have to be Irish.

#5 Jennifer Aniston in Friends

Source: © Friends / Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions

Initially, Courteney Cox was invited to play Rachel Green but she considered it would have been better if she had portrayed Monica. Now, film creators agree that her decision was correct. The role of Rachel went to Jennifer Aniston.

#6 Sadie Sink in Stranger Things

Source: © Stranger Things / 21 Laps Entertainment 

The actress almost missed the chance to play Max because the 14-year-old girl looked too old. but, she asked the casting director for a second chance and she proved that she could give them something new.

#7 Harrison Ford in the Indiana Jones movies

Source: © Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

The role of Indiana Jones was first supposed to be played by Tom Selleck. He did a great performance on the test. However, because, he had already filmed a pilot for a show, so producers thought it was not good that he had to do both projects simultaneously. But, he acclaimed that he could’ve managed both and he was right.

#8 Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Source: © Breakfast at Tiffany's / Jurow-Shepherd

Marilyn Monroe was offered to portray the main character but she was talked out of accepting the role by her advisor. The filmmakers cast Audrey Hepburn. Capote was disappointed with this decision, saying he was "double-crossed in every way" because of the casting.

#9 Richard Dreyfuss in Jaws

Source: © Jaws / Zanuck/Brown Productions

The actor first didn’t want to play Hooper. “My first reaction was to say ’no thanks,’” the actor recalled. “Even Spielberg asked why, and I said, ’I’m lazy, and I’d rather watch it than shoot it.’”
But, he changed his mind because he thought he could never land another job after his terrible role in the previous movie. Eventually, Dreyfuss begged Spielberg to give him the role.

#10 Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games

Source: © The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 / Lionsgate 

The actress went to the audition just tell to the director that these books wouldn’t work as movies so the adaptation wouldn’t ruin her favorite trilogy. However, he explained his plan and then Jennifer starred in it as the main character.
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