Why Did Frank Ocean Cancel Coachella? Updated News

Why did Frank Ocean cancel Coachella? Frank Ocean has decided to cancel his second concert that was scheduled for this coming weekend, just one week after his first performance at Coachella, which was his first live engagement in six years and left many fans upset and confused.
The singer sustained an injury to his leg during the first week of the festival, and the musician's rep confirmed on Wednesday night to Rolling Stone that the scheduled performance had been cancelled due to the singer's injury.

Why Did Frank Ocean Cancel Coachella?

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The artist's spokesperson stated that the injury to the musician's left leg, which includes two fractures and a sprain, is the reason why the musician has been advised not to perform again. Ocean made the following observation: "It was complete chaos. It's possible that an allure might be found in anarchy. Have a wonderful one, and I look forwards to seeing you again soon; this is not the image I was hoping to convey at all, but it is lovely to be outside.
Blink-182 will reportedly take Ocean's position as the headlining act, as reported by Variety. An analysis of the highs and lows that comprised Frank Ocean's performance at Coachella, which was plenty of both.

The Reason Why Frank Ocean Dropped Out Of Coachella

Why Did Frank Ocean Cancel Coachella Why Did Frank Ocean Cancel Coachella?
Ocean gave his debut performance as the festival's headlining act since 2017 on the most recent Sunday of the Coachella music festival. Before the pandemic, it had been planned that he would perform as the festival's headliner in 2020; however, due to the outbreak, the concert has been moved to 2023. However, the fact that, unlike other performances, this one would not be livestreamed on the Coachella YouTube account caused fans to feel contempt against the festival's organisers. The musician took the stage almost one hour after his scheduled start time, which was eleven o'clock in the evening according to local time.
He left off a few of his successes and openly imitated a vocal recording while performing others, yet he was still successful. Following a brief break, Ocean made the announcement that the show was over since the festival had a strict curfew in place between the hours of Sunday midnight and Monday midnight. Since then, it has been common knowledge that Ocean was meant to do a performance on an ice rink with more than a hundred skaters. Only a few hours before the act was supposed to start, the stage was taken down as it became apparent that Ocean's injuries would preclude him from performing on the ice in a safe manner.
The stage was paced by not one but thirty skaters, all of whom were dressed in garments reminiscent of Prada and had their faces painted. The hockey players Dan and Chris Powers, who say they were hired to skate in the performance, stated on Thursday that they and about 120 other skaters spent a month rehearsing in Los Angeles, including a successful dress rehearsal at Coachella, before being told that their services were no longer needed hours before the show. Dan and Chris Powers are a brother and sister duo who play for the Los Angeles Kings of the National Hockey League.


Dan Powers clarified, in a podcast titled "Empty Netters," that the skaters were not removed due to an issue with the ice, as the episode's title suggests. There was no damage of any kind. Ocean's reaction summed up his feelings exactly: "Fuck this. I have made the decision to quit doing it. After bringing a total of 120 people in by bus, he said to the assembled crowd, "You guys aren't doing shit now." It was a complete and utter fraud of the highest order.
When the Olympic figure skaters came in for apparel and cosmetics, the guys had the opportunity to meet several of them. They give off the impression of being angry while casually informing us that they had only lately been told over the phone that they would no longer be participating on the show. Now that we're sat here, we're scratching our heads and wondering what the heck is going on. They assume we are going to continue the concert even though these Olympians were just ejected offstage during Frank Ocean's set at Coachella.
You intend to replace these skaters with a group of chumps who once participated in hockey, and then you want them to buzz around in that area, don't you? It is clear to us now why people have such a negative opinion of this location. The brothers assert that the event managers told them around four o'clock in the afternoon that they were "trying to undercover rip out this ice rink stage because they don't want anyone to know it was there."
Chris Powers, Ocean's director, praised Ocean's passion to the production by saying, "He really cares about the production," referring to Ocean's involvement in the rehearsal process. He had a very clear vision, but in spite of the fact that his vision was always evolving, he made it a point to check in with us on a regular basis to ensure that we were all on the same page.
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