Who Plays Will Smith In Bel Air? Meet Jabari Banks, A Young And Talented Actor

Searching for information about Who plays Will Smith in Bel Air? Let's meet Jabari Banks! The series Bel-Air, led by Jabari Banks, is an unusual choice to serve as the cornerstone for a streaming service. Many laughed at the idea that The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air would be remade as a prestige drama because they saw it as a pointless attempt to elevate a basic sitcom into something more dramatic.
But the final product was a great deal more compelling than what was implied by the premise, which is why Peacock has decided to give it a second season. The fact that Jabari Banks, who plays Will Smith in this dark reinvention of Smith's now-iconic sitcom, is one of the main reasons why the program ended up being popular with viewers is a testament to Banks' acting ability.

Meet Jabari Banks, Who Plays Will Smith In Bel Air

Who Plays Will Smith In Bel Air Source: Bel Air
Banks was not the most obvious choice for the character for some people, including the 24-year-old actor who was playing it at the time. Will Smith was searching for a talented young actor with less experience in the acting industry who might steal the show if allowed to play the lead part in the film. They require someone who, similar to the real Smith, was born and raised in Philadelphia and was a skilled rapper and a basketball player.


Banks have a chance of satisfying any one of those requirements. Even though the young actor had no previous acting experience, he could land an audition since he had received instruction at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. He was successful in making use of the musical theater skills he had received. At first, the actor, who is now 24 years old, was not certain that he would be chosen for the role.

The Way Jabari Banks Got The Role Will Smith In Bel Air

Who Plays Will Smith In Bel Air Jabari Banks Who Plays Will Smith In Bel Air
The audition was conducted online using Zoom. Banks was performing at a friend's apartment, so there wasn't much scenery to put the stage against. He made do with little more than an empty closet, and everything turned out all right. In his response, Cooper stated that he was enthusiastic about participating in another "creative session" with Banks.
The young actor prepared for another casting call by organizing his belongings through his closet. Instead, Smith presented himself in the Zoom meeting and asserted that he should be given the role. It is not known for definite when or exactly where Jabari Banks was born in West Philadelphia, United States of America, in the year 1998. After completing his secondary education in his hometown and graduating from high school, he attended the famed University of the Arts in Philadelphia to pursue musical theater.

Jabari Banks' Career, Talents, And Net Worth

Who Plays Will Smith In Bel Air Jabari Banks As Will Smith In Bel Air
Jabari had already established himself as a talented rapper before beginning his acting career. Writing poems and songs allows him to express himself in a way that brings him much joy. He is also a talented vocalist and composer and an accomplished pianist.
The acting was something that Jabari Banks demonstrated early on in his life. Even though he lacked acting experience, he joined a theater organization anyhow. After completing his academic requirements, he went straight into the workforce. The company that he worked for in Temecula, California, was first established by his mother. In 2021, his acting talents reached their full potential. Before earning a part in the television series Bel-Air, where he could finally shine, he honed his skill for several years beforehand.


His objective was to conceal the details of his sexual life. Perhaps he ought to give some thought to his line of work. It was never made clear whether he had a significant other currently or in the past. Furthermore, he is not connected to the stories circulating around him. Jabari Banks is believed to have a net worth of one million dollars. His principal means of financial support comes from his acting career.
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