Who Is The Best Rapper In The World Right Now, Ranked By Fans

Rap has become one of the world’s most popular music genres for a long time. It has evolved into a small branch with different styles, which makes rappers one of a kind in the entertainment industry. And everyone also has their own styles and favorite rappers. It’s room for opinion and there are a bunch of qualifying factors to consider.

Still, the opinion of the majority is always a good measure to decide who is the best. Because the ultimate purpose of an artist is to win the heart of the listeners. So if a rapper has a great number of fans, it will be safe to say that he or she will be better than others working in the same field. And the ‘who is the best rapper’ question never depends on the claim of someone. Like, in an interview, Gucci Mane regarded himself as the king of rap. That’s OK! We don’t know whether he’s right or not, but Lil Wayne was later shocked a bit when someone tell him that Gucci was on the list of the greatest rapper of all time.

Below are the 20 greatest rappers in the world according to fans. Let’s scroll down and check them out!

#20 Nas

 Best RapperSource: © Hiphopdx

#19 Nicki Minaj

 Best RapperSource: © Hypebeast

#18 Cardi B

 Best RapperSource: © latimes

#17 Lil Nas X

 Best RapperSource: © Npr

#16 Chance The Rapper

 Best RapperSource: © Hiphopdx

#15 Wiz Khalifa

 Best RapperSource: © Oneesports

#14 50 Cent

Source: © Okayplayer

#13 Lil Uzi Vert

 Best RapperSource: © Hiphopdx

#12 Ice Cube

 Best RapperSource: © Kentreporter

#11 21 Savage

Source: © CNN

#10 Post Malone

 Best RapperSource: © Upi

#9 JAY-Z

Source: © Okayplayer

#8 Lil Wayne

 Best RapperSource: © Xxlmag

#7 J. Cole

 Best RapperSource: © People

#6 Kanye West

 Best RapperSource: © Oglobo

#5 Snoop Dogg

 Best RapperSource: © Xxlmag

#4 Travis Scott

 Best RapperSource: © Billboard

#3 Kendrick Lamar

 Best RapperSource: © Thestar

#2 Drake

Source: © Mysanantonio

#1 Eminem

 Best RapperSource: © Urbanpost