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Who Is Gus On So Help Me Todd In Real Life?

Who is Gus on So Help Me Todd? Jeffrey Nordling portrays Gus Easton in the film So Help Me Todd. Jeffrey is hardly a novice in the realm of dramatic television. His role as Jake Manning on the show Once and Again was largely responsible for his rise to fame.

Jeffrey Richard Nordling, an American actor, came into the world on March 11, 1962, in the United States. Several movies and television series have featured him, including Once and Again as Jake Manning, 24 as Larry Moss, Desperate Housewives as Nick Bolen, and Big Little Lies as Gordon Klein, among others.

#1. Who Is Gus On So Help Me Todd?

Gus On So Help Me Todd
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In The Mighty Ducks, he plays the role of Ted Orion, a former player in the National Hockey League who is now a coach. Television Preview’s market experts are presenting the movie Soul Mates from 1997, which starred Nordling and Kim Raver, as if it were a “new” pilot episode. In the HBO dramatization of Randy Shilts’ history of the spread of AIDS, Capote Duncan and Gatan Dugas play the roles of Capote Duncan in Sex and the City and Gatan Dugas in And the Band Played On.

In the 1999 film Pirates of Silicon Valley, which was broadcast on TNT, he portrayed Mike Markkula, one of the earliest investors in Apple. When utilizing this word, it is essential to include citations. In the NBC drama Once and Again, he played the role of Jake Manning, Sela Ward’s former husband, from 1999 through 2002. From 2007 to 2008, he portrayed Brent Barrow in the drama Dirt, shown on the FX cable network, and starred Courteney Cox.

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Gus On So Help Me Todd
Who Is Gus On So Help Me Todd?

He was in the series with Courteney Cox. He had a recurring role as FBI agent Larry Moss in the seventh season of the show 24, in which he appeared in. During the 2009–10 season of Desperate Housewives, Nordling portrayed the role of Nick Bolen, a regular on the show and the on-screen husband of Drea de Matteo. However, their characters were written off of the show after only that one year of filming.

Tom Burnett a hero who helped save people on 9/11 and was portrayed by Nordling in the film Flight 93. In 2011, he began playing the part of Todd Fleming in the medical/crime drama Body of Proof, a role he continued to portray until the program was terminated. Fleming was the ex-husband of the character played by Dana Delany.

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