Who Is Ava Kaleidoscope? What Happened To Her?

Who is Ava Kaleidoscope? Eric Garcia's action thriller series Kaleidoscope, available on Netflix, chronicles the events leading up to and following a bunch of criminals' attempt at a daring robbery.
Ray Vernon, the series' protagonist, is a master burglar with designs on his enemy's $7 billion bond portfolio. In doing so, he enlists the aid of his closest confidante, Ava Mercer, to pull out the robbery. Unfortunately, Ava's problems have led her to turn on Ray and become an FBI informant.

#1. Who Is Ava Kaleidoscope?

Ava Kaleidoscope Source: Netflix
Paz Vega gives a compelling performance as Ava Mercer, one of the show's primary protagonists. The Spanish actress Vega debuted on screen in 1997. She first gained recognition after appearing in several films in both Spain and the United States. Vega may look familiar to viewers because she played Carmen Delgado in the film "Rambo: Last Blood." Originally from Argentina, Ava has long-known series protagonist Ray Vernon. She is an attorney and a conduit to the underground jewelry trade.
Also a firearms specialist, Ava Kaleidoscope is on board with Ray and the gang to rob Robert Salas of $7 billion in bonds stored in SLS's safes. However, Ava's history with Agent Nazan Abassi is revealed. The FBI agent's connection to her kid was severed when Ava filed a complaint against Abassi. That's why Abassi wants to capture Ava and the others in the act. Upon being questioned by the FBI about the Diamond Way crime, Ava believes that Abassi is onto her.


After recognizing she has become a hindrance to the theft, Ava decides to leave. Abassi recruits Ava to act as a mole to apprehend the skilled robbery ring. Ava's nanny is undocumented and detained by ICE in the episode "Orange." Abassi says she can stop ICE from deporting Ava to her native country if Ava agrees to work for her. As a result, Ava returns to the group and continues acting as a mole for the FBI.

#2. What Happened To Ava?

Ava Kaleidoscope
Regarding friends, Ava Kaleidoscope is the one Ray Vernon trusts the most. She aids Ray in his earliest robberies and is charged with raising Ray's daughter Hannah while he does time in prison. For Ray's jailbreak, Ava fabricates a false death and a new identity, Leo Pap. Ray and Ava have love and affection for one another. Given their long history together and close relationship, it's impossible to picture Ava ever forsaking Ray.
However, Ava is devastated as ICE detains her grandmother. The truth is revealed to her by Agent Abassi, who learns of her search for her mother figure. Also, Abassi takes advantage of the circumstances to blackmail Ava. By threatening to release Ava's grandmother from ICE custody, she coerces Ava into becoming an informant. Thus, it would appear that Ava has no choice except to betray Ray and the rest of the team. Therefore, it appears that Ava will be the catalyst for the heist's demise and, maybe, the group's arrest.


Episode 7 is named "White," revealing that safecracker Bob Goodwin ruined the robbery by abandoning the rest of the crew (including Ray) and killing RJ. As a result of the commotion, Judy wounds Bob, and Ava discovers the shackles in a vehicle without a driver. Consequently, she operates the truck to a safe zone. Nonetheless, Ava is stopped in her tracks by Agent Abassi, who begs her to assist in apprehending the remainder of the crew.
Ava, however, declines since she has relocated nana to an area where the ICE cannot look for her. Consequently, she is under no obligation to carry out Abassi's directives. That's why Ava wouldn't ever turn on Ray. After the robbery, she is still his most dependable friend, and he and she go into hiding together. Sadly, Ava does not survive Bob's raid on the safe house where she and Ray are hiding. In the end, Ava passes away in Ray's arms, demonstrating that she is 100% committed to the cause and never once considered betraying Ray.
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