Who Does Joe End Up With In You? A Shocking Twist Revealed

You is a Netflix thriller series that follows Joe Goldberg, a charming but obsessive bookstore manager who falls in love with different women and goes to extreme lengths to win them over. The show has been praised for its suspenseful plot, dark humor, and social commentary on modern dating and social media.
But who does Joe end up with in You? This is the burning question that many fans have been asking after watching the fourth season of the show, which was released in two parts. Here is a summary of what happened and what it means for Joe's future.

#1. Part 1: Joe Meets Kate and Rhys

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The first part of the season ended with a cliffhanger that revealed that Joe's latest obsession, Kate Montrose (played by Tati Gabrielle), was actually the daughter of Rhys Montrose (played by Scott Speedman), a notorious serial killer known as Eat The Rich.
Joe had moved to Paris with his son Henry after killing his ex-wife Love Quinn (played by Victoria Pedretti) in self-defense. He met Kate at a bookstore and was instantly smitten by her. However, he soon discovered that she was hiding a dark secret: her father was a notorious serial killer who targeted wealthy people and ate their organs.
Joe decided to pursue Kate anyway and tried to protect her from her father's crimes. He also befriended Rhys and pretended to be his fan. However, things got complicated when Love returned from the dead and threatened to expose Joe's past.
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#2. Part 2: Joe's Delusions Unravel

Love Quinn and Joe YouSource: Netflix Life

The second part of the season explored Joe's twisted relationship with Kate and Rhys, as well as his attempts to escape from his past and start a new life. However, things took a shocking turn when it was revealed that Rhys was not really a serial killer, but a figment of Joe's imagination. Joe had killed the real Rhys years ago and created a fictional version of him in his head to cope with his guilt and trauma.
The season finale showed how Joe's delusions unraveled and how he faced the consequences of his actions. He also had to deal with Love Quinn (played by Victoria Pedretti), his ex-wife and mother of his son Henry, who returned to haunt him after faking her death. In the end, Joe managed to survive and reunite with Kate, who decided to forgive him and help him get his old life back.
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#3. What Does It Mean For Joe's Future?

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But is this really a happy ending for Joe? Or is he doomed to repeat his cycle of obsession and violence? And what about Henry, who has been exposed to so much trauma and manipulation? Will he grow up to be like his father or break free from his influence?
These are some of the questions that fans are left wondering after watching You season 4. The show has not been renewed for a fifth season yet, but there is still hope that it will return to answer these questions and more. Until then, fans can rewatch the previous seasons or read the books by Caroline Kepnes that inspired the show.
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