Where Was The Hammer Filmed? The Hammer’s Filming Locations

Where was The Hammer filmed? Reba McEntire’s The Hammer, directed by Jeff Beesley and shown on Lifetime, is a biographical thriller based on the real-life experiences of a traveling circuit judge named Kim Wanker. As one of the few remaining itinerant judges still active, Kim Wheeler is followed around the country as she travels from location to location to assist those in need. After a judge is assassinated in court, she is appointed in charge of the case. Her coworkers refer to her as “The Hammer” because she gets the job done quickly and efficiently.

Kris, Kim’s sister, becomes a prime suspect as the investigation into the death of the former judge takes a clear turn. The judge must exercise her discretion and power to ensure justice is served. In addition to the murder mystery, “Reba McEntire’s The Hammer” has several intriguing locations that will have viewers wondering about the film’s setting.

#1. Where Was The Hammer Filmed? The Hammer’s Filming Locations

1. Quilchena, a Town in British Columbia

Where Was The Hammer Filmed
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Additional filming for Reba McEntire’s The Hammer took place at Quilchena, an unincorporated community on the south side of Nicola Lake. The cast and crew camped overnight outside the Quilchena Hotel to capture some of the film’s most pivotal scenes (6500 Merritt-Kamloops, BC-5A).

2. Municipality of Merritt, British Columbia

Where Was The Hammer Filmed

“The Hammer” by Reba McEntire was mostly filmed in and around the Nicole Valley town of Merritt. In June 2022, many people in the area saw the show’s cast and crew filming at or near the Coldwater Hotel (1901 Voght Street), where several important scenes were shot. A private home near the Moon Shadows RV Park & Campground on Neilson Street is said to have been used as one of the film’s settings.

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Key filming sites included Quilchena Avenue and several gas stations. Some suggest that the filmmakers considered making Kamloops the film’s primary location. After much debate, however, they ultimately decided on Merritt since it better captured the feel of the American West.

Merritt is a little city in southern British Columbia, not far from where the Nicola and Coldwater rivers converge. The tourism, logging, and service sectors are vital to the economy. Of its central role in developing country music in Canada, the city has been named the “Country Music Capital of Canada.”

Where Was The Hammer Filmed

As the name suggests, Reba McEntire stars as Kim Wheeler in the film “Reba McEntire’s The Hammer.” Reba may be most known for her singing, but she has also impacted the movie industry significantly.  North, One Night at McCool’s, Reba, and Malibu Country are just a few of the movies in which she has appeared.

But Kris, Kim’s sister, is played by Melissa Peterman, and Peterman has appeared in several television shows and movies, including “Here Comes the Boom,” “Living with Abandon,” “Pretty the Series,” and “Young Sheldon.”

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