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Where Is Big Chief From Street Outlaws? Updated News

Where is Big Chief from Street Outlaws? People ask where Big Chief from Street Outlaws is, and he has stated that he does not regret leaving the program. This comes as people keep wondering where he is. Many people are curious whether he will return, but he hasn’t said anything about it. Since he was nine years old and would ride his bike to watch the races on Route 66, Chief, alias Justin Shearer, has been an integral part of the OKC street racing scene.

Chief’s real name is Justin Shearer. In addition to that, you won’t see his name on either No Prep Kings or America’s List anymore. On the other side, Big Chief seems satisfied that he was not participating in Street Outlaws. In December, he expressed that he did not miss the program and is “enjoying every single minute” of his life now that he is no longer participating.

#1. Where Is Big Chief From Street Outlaws? Updated News

Where Is Big Chief From Street Outlaws is big chief done with street outlaws big chief news
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Big Chief has committed his efforts to Midwest Street Cars now that he is no longer involved with Street Outlaws. He has several videos that he has uploaded to YouTube in which he customizes autos and races them both on the track and public streets. Additionally, his company offers patrons the opportunity to become patrons.

At the beginning of 2022, he sent his fans on social media an update in which he said he would take a vacation from the program to spend additional time with his loved ones, concentrate on the workshop, and relax. He has already declared on Instagram that he will not appear on the most recent edition of America’s List and will not participate in that show.

Big Chief and his companion Jackie have all but announced that they are done with Street Outlaws. Big Chief himself has also made a similar statement. One of Big Chief’s followers on Instagram sent the following question to him: “So how is it working out for you, giving up everything?” “I’m loving every minute of it!” the actor who played the lead role in Street Outlaws said at one point.

#2. Is Big Chief Done With Street Outlaws?

Where Is Big Chief From Street Outlaws is big chief done with street outlaws big chief news
Where Is Big Chief From Street Outlaws?

The Big Chief has not addressed the possibility of making a comeback in public pronouncements. Allegations made about him being the 2022 race master for Street Outlaws: America’s List was refuted by him. Big Chief also mentioned that the fact that Shawn, another cast member, will play the part “doesn’t surprise him.” To quote him directly:

Everyone in this room is aware of Shawn’s extensive experience, and they all hold a high regard for his skills. Things evolve, and so do people. If I were to be a racemaster, he would be a far better choice than I would be because of his character.

The urban legend holds that Big Chief was the one who first thought up the idea for America’s List; nevertheless, he is not among the cast members who have been given credit for coming up with the idea. Even after he was kicked out of Street Outlaws, he continued to compete in auto races. He has no ill will toward anyone.

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