What Is Sean Lampkin Cause Of Death? Actor Who Played Nipsey On 'Martin', Dies At 54

Marsel Watts took to Facebook to share the sad news of the passing of her longtime roommate and friend, Sean Lampkin. She noted that without Sean, there wouldn't have been Martin, referring to the sitcom that made Martin Lawrence a star. Sean was more than just a roommate to Marsel; he was a father, a family man, and a friend to many. He was also Nipsey the Bartender on Martin. The cause of Sean's death has yet to be revealed.

#1. Sean Lampkin was a talented actor and incredible friend.

What Is Sean Lampkin Cause Of Death? Source: ABC News

Marsel Watts paid tribute to Sean Lampkin on Facebook, noting that without him there would be no Martin. Sean was not only Marsel's roommate, but also a father, family man, and friend to many. He was also Nipsey the Bartender on the sitcom that propelled Martin Lawrence to stardom. The cause of Sean's death has yet to be revealed, however, he was often listed on IMDb as an executive assistant to Martin Lawrence. This was likely because of the close friendship they shared, and it's likely that Martin wanted his friend by his side. Sean was a devoted friend to many and will be greatly missed.

What Is Sean Lampkin Cause Of Death? Source: Distractify

On March 16, Sean's friend, actor Orlando Deral, wrote about one of his passions on Instagram. Evidently Sean was part of a tight-knit group of individuals who loved to go roller-skating. "There was a time when we were roller skating 3-4 times a week," wrote Orlando. When Orlando was just starting out, he got a little help from his friend.
"When I first started skating Sean saw my skates and said, 'Aw naw, you gone need to good skates if you're gonna roll.' So he had his skate man build me a pair of skates, and I've been rolling on them for the last 15 years plus," his post continued. It is true what's been said; Sean Lampkin was a giver.
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#2. What was Sean Lampkin's cause of death? 

What Is Sean Lampkin Cause Of Death? Source: The US sun

In another moving tribute on Facebook, Sean's cousin Memnar Grayton talked about the kind of person he was. "There are two types of people in the world. They are givers and takers," wrote Memnar. "The givers God will always bless while the takers, the devil will always stress." Memnar knew that Sean was a "giver of life."
According to the post, Sean passed away in his sleep on March 8. No further information has been reported at this time. Sean Lampkin, best known for his role as bar owner Nipsey on 1990s sitcom Martin, has died at the age of 54. He died last Wednesday in his sleep from unknown causes, according to friend Marsel Watts
The many ways Sean gave to others is impressive and beautiful. "He always gave to anyone in need, his time, his effort, his emotions, his knowledge, and his love," shared Memnar. "Sean gave us every morning the shining sun to lead his loved ones and friends down paths that are bright and clear of any danger. He gave us streams of love every day when we’re not feeling good, or we don’t seem to not want to do anything." His cousin went on to talk about Sean's exuberant laugh and positive attitude.
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