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Was George Nassar the Boston Strangler? Detail Explained

The new series “The Boston Strangler” delves into the investigation surrounding a series of murders that occurred between 1962 and 1964 in Boston. Loretta McLaughlin, a reporter for the Record American, discovers the link between the different killings and comes to the realization that they were all committed by the same person. As more victims are found, the tension rises and the police are unable to identify the killer. 

To try and uncover the identity of the murderer, Loretta and Jean Cole pursue various leads. One such person is George Nassar, who has a major role in the unfolding events. If you are curious if George Nassar is a real person and if he could have been the Boston Strangler, here is what you need to know.

#1. Was George Nassar the Boston Strangler?

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Although Albert DeSalvo confessed to being the Boston Strangler, two women who had seen the Strangler’s face identified George Nassar in a lineup, prompting further investigation into the case. Upon meeting DeSalvo in 1965 at Bridgewater, Nassar claimed that DeSalvo had confessed to him about how he had killed several women and identified himself as the Strangler. In an interview, Nassar stated that DeSalvo had “gotten it off his chest” to him, suggesting he was the first person he had confided in about the specifics of each crime.

Nassar got in touch with F. Lee Bailey, his lawyer, with the intent of obtaining the reward money by getting DeSalvo to confess to the crime. He convinced him by assuring him a book deal, which would provide sufficient funds for his family. Nassar said, “We were setting it all up, saying Al, you’re going to confess, you’re going to trial, you’re going to do your book, we’re going to take care of your family, and he was saying ok, ok, ok.” However, DeSalvo’s confession was not enough to put him on trial and the book deal never came through. As a result, Nassar did not receive the prize money.

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It was suggested that Albert DeSalvo had been coached by Nassar to make the Boston Strangler confession, but there was no proof to back it up. Nassar had been on parole around the time of the killings and had a history of violence, which added to the speculation. However, the modus operandi of the Boston Strangler was to strangle victims, and Nassar used guns when he committed his murders. Additionally, Nassar didn’t have any history of sexual assault, which didn’t match the profile of the Strangler. Despite two women identifying him, there wasn’t enough evidence to validate the theory, so it was dismissed.

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#2. Where is George Nassar Now?

Was George Nassar the Boston StranglerSource: Twitter

George Nassar, who is now in his 90s and has been reported to have terminal cancer, is currently incarcerated at Massachusetts Correctional Institution Shirley. He was originally given a life sentence in 1967 for murdering Dominic Kirmil in 1948 and Irvin Hilton in 1964. Nassar has unsuccessfully attempted to appeal his sentence multiple times over the years and has denied accusations of being the Boston Strangler. He stated that if he had known Albert DeSalvo, who is believed to have been the Strangler, was murdering women and getting away with it, he would have killed him himself. Nassar believes that DeSalvo wanted to be famous and was indeed the Strangler. is a website that provides you with sport updates and entertainment news to brighten your day. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to know more about TV & Movies.