These Insane People Spent Tons Of Money To Physically Transform Into Their Favorite Celebrities

It is common that avid fans are willing to spend a great sum of money imitating their favorite celebrities’ styles, from clothes to hairstyles. It seems that no one wonders why they did that. Everyone has their own idols and always wants to be just like them. They want to experience what it’s like to be a famous person if it’s just through dressing in celebrity outfits. This is the main reason why celebs often get a lot of advertising offers from well-known bands.

But something is beyond it. Some fans are so crazy that they accept spending tons of money to literally transform their bodies and faces to look like their celebs’ looks. Despite the risks, they unhesitatingly went through numerous plastic surgeries to get closer to a desired image.

Below are 7 cases in that fans went through numerous plastic surgeries to look like their idols. If you’re looking for more, read this article.

#1 Toby Sheldon

People Transform Into Their Favorite CelebritiesSource: East News, East News

It took 5 years and £100,000 to resemble Justin Bieber. Perhaps he’s a songwriter so Bieber is his idol. This guy underwent numerous surgeries, including face fillers, a chin reduction and eyelid surgery. He shared, “Once Justin shot to fame, his face was everywhere and all I kept thinking when I saw his picture was ’I want to look like him.’”

#2 Jordan James Parke, the male Kardashian

People Transform Into Their Favorite CelebritiesSource: jordanjamesparke

This guy is actually a royal fan of Kim Kardashian when he dared to waste $150,000 on more than 50 plastic procedures to get closer to his idol’s look. He said, “She’s the most gorgeous woman ever. Her skin is perfect, her hair, everything about her.”

Looking at his past photos, we easily realize that he had Botox, lip and cheek fillers, eyebrow tattoos, and laser hair removal.

Source: jordanjamesparke

#3 Rodrigo Alves, the living Ken doll

Source: Rocky / WENN / East News

To gain a “perfect” image, Alves spent over £373k on aesthetic procedures. He underwent more than 57 surgeries. He nearly became the record holder with the highest number of surgical procedures but he withdrew the application. He thinks that bettering one’s appearance shouldn’t be seen as a competition.

#4 Jack Johnson

Source: © Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com© This Morning / YouTube

Despite being a teenager, Johnson changed his appearance to look like David Beckham. He had Botox, tanning injections, lip and teeth fillers, and all of them waste him £20,000.

#5 Pixee Fox, the living cartoon

People Transform Into Their Favorite CelebritiesSource: pixeefox

This girl underwent 15 surgeries, wasting $120,000 to look like the cartoon character. The most thing she wants is just to own a 14-inch (35.5 cm) waist. She even removed 6 of her ribs to resemble Jessica Rabbit.

#6 Herbert Chavez

Source: Warner Bros. / East News, EAST NEWS

Look at his transformation into Superman, everyone thinks it was very simple. However, he spent 16 years and around £4,400 to look like that. He had multiple nose jobs, skin whitening, lip liposuction, pec and abdominal implants, and jaw realignment to become a living superhero, or at least look like one.

#7 Justin Jedlico, one more living Ken doll

People Transform Into Their Favorite CelebritiesSource: East News© Shakeyjon / Alamy Stock Photo

This guy spent $15,000 to thicken and lower his hairline and get new eyebrows and sideburns. Despite being 18, he went through over 630 cosmetic procedures since then. He also spent $625,000 on his nose, cheeks, chin jaw, forehead, lips, shoulders, back, 6-pack abs, biceps, triceps, and backside, and many more procedures.

“I’m really happy with how I look now,” says Jedlico. “Everyone talks to me about it, even my bank teller commented on how good my hair looks.”