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These 35 Funny Photos Of Cute Pregnant Animals Getting Spotted Will Make You Smile

Reproduction is naturally fundamental. From the perspective of evolution, every individual from any species lives to give life to their offspring. In our view, pregnancy and giving birth are even more meaningful and wonderful. When we see a female animal carrying her babies in her bum, we feel warmth with affection. And so do numerous gentlemen and ladies.

These lovely creatures bearing babies have big tummies, so they have to move, walk, or run slowlier and more carefully. Plus, they try to hide their bum from the eagle eyes of predators and enemies. From time to time, they fail to do so, and people spot them. Not being able to resist the super cuteness, they take some pics and share them online.

We have picked several adorable photos of pregnant animals we believe will make your day. Check them out and enjoy!

#1. This is the “I’m so over being pregnant phase”

Source: The Viral

#2. Love this mama

Source: The Viral

#3. Hope her back is OK

Source: The Viral

#4. Is she having twins?

Source: The Viral

#5. Awww

Source: The Viral

#6. Elephants have the longest gestational period!

Source: The Viral

#7. A hopeful mongoose mama

Source: The Viral

#8. Full of mother’s affection

Source: The Viral

#9. Desert, be kind to the camel child!

Source: The Viral

#10. Why look sad?

Source: The Viral

#11. Take more nutrition for the babies

Source: The Viral

#12. Polar bear mama is no joke

Source: The Viral

#13. As cool as this translucent mama

Source: The Viral

#14. The seahorse males carry and have babies.

Source: The Viral

#15. Squirrel mom can’t hide her tummy

Source: JDoctorick

#16. The most dangerous animal on the planet at that moment

Source: dream_weaver101

#17. Pregnant Leopard Resting At Karnataka Forest

Source: shaji_mathilakam

#18. Bloat? Nope, It’s A Baby Bump! The Eagle Ray Is Pregnant

Source: 2oceansaquarium

#19. A Pregnant Shrimp

Source: udontkidwell

#20. Baby Cheetah On The Way

Source: thisisawesome.traveltips

#21. This Mama Seal Just Cooled Off In The Alsea Bay And Now She’s Warming Up In The Sun


#22. A Male Weedy Sea Dragon During Pregnancy With His Eggs Attached To His Tail

Source: GeorgiaAquarium

#23. Pregnant Gemini the hedgehog

Source: j01001010

#24. This guinea pig is over her pregnancy

Source: NieNieL

#25. Her feet are barely longer than her belly. Did you know, that a pig’s normal gestation period is 3 months, 3 weeks, and 3 days?

Source: laurenr.olander

#26. A Pregnant Black Rhino

Source: fabulosajornada

#27. A Pregnant Zebra At Masai Mara National Park

Source: bfaik

#28. Ever Seen A Pregnant Chameleon?

Source: ThaumielKeter

#29. A Pregnant Dalmatian Molly

Source: Ninjaneer525

#30. Beluga Whale Expecting Calf At Georgia Aquarium

Source: GeorgiaAquarium

#31. This Gecko Is Pregnant With Two Eggs

Source: nichonova

#32. When You Get To See A Giraffe… Out Your Window… In Africa! And She’s Carrying A Calf

Source: misstara951

#33. This Shark Happened To Be A Pregnant Female

Source: uzeyrkamora

#34. “This Pregnant Mantis I Came Across Today Is Cute”

Source: JephriB

#35. A Very Pregnant Scorpion

Source: thereptileguy

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