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The Way Home Spoilers Episode 3 Season 1: Comprehensive Recap

Searching for The Way Home spoilers episode 3? As Kat and Del exchange barbs in the kitchen, Alice is collecting her eggs. Alice is ecstatic as she sprinkles freshly chopped mint over Kat’s coffee. Kat is left wondering what her kid is up to as her daughter disappears to spend out with Spencer and Zoey. A couple has arrived at Del’s house in an attempt to broker a deal on the boat. She thinks back to her time with Colton on the boat and realizes she must move on.

Time travel has worked, and Alice has returned. As you can see, it’s rather hazy outside. Elliott has hidden a bag of her clothing and a watch from 1999 for her. Colton has just returned home with the boat, and the whole family has gathered outside to admire it. Elliott has given Alice some heirloom-quality granma garb as a gift. Again, Kat locks her in the closet. Cat is scanning the airwaves for Britney Spears. She is now in the process of creating a mix tape. Her all-time favorite novel is Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.

#1. The Way Home Spoilers Episode 3 Season 1

The Way Home Spoilers Episode 3
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Elliott can’t contain his joy over his newly acquired internet-connected PC. Kat presents the pitch for her novel. It’s not the same as Laura Ingalls Wilder with automobiles. After recalling that Kat has always wanted to work at the Herald, Elliott proposes that she check it out. Kat gets employed by Bryon after he learns that she is Delilah’s daughter.

Jacob is curious as to why Alice is only present on occasion. Again, Colton creates a beautiful scene by making up a song to sing on the porch. The screener orders that all music be removed immediately. Holy cow! While waiting for Alice to cook supper, Kat and Del argue. She arrives at the location and notices the polaroid tucked away in the book. Kat and Del can’t help but wonder how Alice has such intimate knowledge of their past feelings toward the boat and other topics close to their hearts.

Kat suggests topics for articles, but Bryon hands her the largest cucumber in town. Alice is curious whether or not Kat has solved the mystery of Alice in Wonderland. Elliott refers to Back to the Future, and Alice immediately deems him old. The piece that Kat wrote didn’t sit well with Bryon. He’s betting that she has some history of interest in Port Haven; convince him otherwise.

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The Way Home Spoilers Episode 3
The Way Home Spoilers Episode 3 Season 1

Alice declines Spencer’s birthday invitation because she wants to go through time first. Two months have passed since her return, although in the present moment, it feels like only yesterday. How Alice plans to apologize to Kat is a source of stress for her. The mood around here is not good, and Kat seems particularly miserable. Her heart ached since she and Alice hadn’t said goodbye properly before Alice left for summer camp. Surely she has some historical connection to Kat.

Kat spent two weeks lying out in the sun with a heart sticker to obtain an outline for tonight’s beach party. Alice encounters the somewhat cruel Monica. Shortly after arriving in town, Alice is introduced to Nick, a long-haired rocker. Her feelings had blossomed into love. Rita comes on the boat bearing wine and pot roast while Del cleans it, his attention focused on the Delilah Rose sign. Byron stops by to see them after dinner. He possesses Kat’s office keys. Rita scoffs at the interruption.

In the present, Monica tells Kat that she does have something stronger for them to enjoy while she waits for a call. After learning that Rita was the one who sent the couple over to discuss the boat, Del became angry with her. While Rita claims she was just Del’s punching bag, she has been Del’s project.

Just relax, Monica assures us; Alice is safe and well at her place. We may expect her to change her mind. They profusely apologize to one another for their pretenses. Monica is frightened of Kat. Kat prays that their breakdown would cause her to rethink her position.

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The Way Home Spoilers Episode 3
The Way Home Spoilers Episode 3 Season 1

Monica is shocked to learn that Kat has only dated Brady, but she isn’t any better. Alice tells Nick that she is studying her grandfather by playing his guitar as they converse about the Red Hot Chili Peppers and music in general. Unfortunately for Nick, Britney Spears sounds very fantastic when played by Alice.

The watch on Alice’s wrist beeps. She has to go, but the police show up. Nick asks if he may take her with him. Del has fond boating memories of days spent with Colton. The two of them had never been more in love. A first kiss with Nick occurs, but Alice doesn’t tell Nick about it. After Elliott and Kat track down Alice and Nick, Kat offers Alice a bed for the night. Alice remains despite Elliott’s protestations. There’s nowhere else she’d rather be, and she’s afraid that she’ll miss even more time if she goes back.

Kat describes her encounter with Brady at camp to Alice. Kat hasn’t informed her parents about this since she wants to keep him all to herself. They begin discussing hidden information, and Alice reveals that Kat can travel through time. Kat mocks her scathingly. While Alice is inside, Del is waiting for her outside. After receiving a text from Spencer, Alice feigns illness to avoid responding to his angry message. Cat raps on the door eagerly. She regrets that she has been acting a little strange as of late. Kat admires Alice tremendously and often models her behavior after that of her daughter.

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Alice is distraught by the boat’s sale and treats Colton as if she were a close friend. Del isn’t too impressed. When Colton returned, he scraped the boat into the dock, and she’ll never forget that. As far as he looked, Jacob was nowhere to be seen. It’s important to keep in mind, as Kat points out to Del, that Alice has no idea the family never went boating. Kat has high expectations that Del will remember the past rather than trying to forget it.

The next time Alice will go jumping is the day after the celebration, according to Elliott. He doesn’t understand how it works, but hearing about his future frightens him, so he avoids sharing Alice’s. Kat and Andy meet in the coffee shop, where they bump into Spencer and learn that Alice stays home.

Kat returns home to find Alice saying she is with Spencer and Zoey; after Alice runs off, Kat pursues her into the woods and eventually finds her by the pond. After watching Alice strip down to her underwear, she becomes concerned that she won’t return and decides to do the same.

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