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‘The Offering’ Explained: Did Claire And Her Baby Survive In The End? 

‘The Offering’ is a surprisingly strong genre alternative on one of the most crowded Friday the 13th release dates for horror fans in years. Directed by Oliver Park, “The Offering” is an old-school horror film about how a Jewish family dealt with a child-stealing demon. While jump scares have been overused in the film, it is somewhat entertaining to watch. The ending of the movie gives us more questions than answers. Did Claire and her baby survive in the end? Here is the answer.  


#1. What Is ‘The Offering’ About? Plot Summary

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The son of a Hasidic funeral director returns home with his pregnant wife in hopes of reconciling with his father. Little do they know that an ancient evil lurking inside a mysterious corpse has sinister plans for their unborn child.

It all started with the death of a scholar, Yosille Fishbein. The old man devoted his life to bringing his wife over from the other side. He eventually gave up. His death was ruled a suicide, and his body was transported to Saul, the embalmer’s chamber. Meanwhile, Saul’s son Art and his wife Claire paid him a visit. Saul had opposed their marriage because Claire was not from their community. The father and son had been estranged for years until Art decided to reconnect with Saul and reunite as a family. Saul, too, had become more accepting of his son’s decision and welcomed Claire with open arms. He was unaware of the actual reason behind Art’s sudden interest in meeting his father. Art was a real estate agent, and for the last two years, he barely did any business. To get a loan from the bank, he needed to enlist his father’s property as collateral. He struggled to tell his father the truth; after all, it was a selfish move.

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When the body of Yosille was brought to Saul’s chamber, he asked Art to take care of the business while he went out. When Art noticed the dagger in Yosille’s chest, he was astounded. He yanked it out and took off Yosille’s clothes. He discovered a strange blue stone tied to a string he had hung around his neck. He dropped the amulet from his grasp while checking it, and it broke into pieces. When his father entered the room, he pushed it down the drain. Saul took a look at the dagger, and when he analyzed the scriptures engraved on it, he realized it was not an ordinary one. He asked Art to leave while he went through Yosille’s possessions. From the moment Art left the chamber, he could hear strange demonic whispers across the corridors. The whispers quickly became unbearably loud, high-pitched noises. Art somehow managed to go to sleep even after the strange occurrence. Claire sensed someone entering their room, but no one was there when she looked around. As she switched off the washroom lights, someone turned them on. Suddenly she came face-to-face with Yosille, who tried to rip her baby out of her body. The panic woke her up from sleep, and she was relieved to realize that it was just a dream. But the mirror reflection showed a red blood stain on the bed sheet, indicative of how the baby’s life was in danger. What happened to Claire and the baby? Are they alive in the end?

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#2. ‘The Offering’ Ending Explained: Did Claire And Her Baby Survive In The End?

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The demon killed Heimish as Art and Heimish worked to complete the protective circle. Art was left alone to finish the ritual. The demon began to play with Art’s mind as he read the prayer. When he saw Claire, the demon dragged her into a room and shut the door. After hearing his wife scream for her life, he couldn’t stay within the circle. He then entered the room to protect her. Claire was hanging from a wall, and he tried climbing it to save her but failed at it. He continued to read prayers, and the demon entered his body. He tried to kill himself with the dagger but struggled to do so. Heimish appeared and helped him push the dagger into his chest. Art soon realized it was not Heimish but the demon who helped him. He had moved out of the sigil and had dropped the amulet while trying to save Claire. 

As a result, the ritual was incomplete. In the process, the demon killed Art. Claire awoke to find herself sitting beneath the table, and everything seemed surreal. She crawled bravely out from under the table. Everything in the house was in perfect order, and she began to accept that it was all a dream. She saw Art enter through the door and was relieved to see him alive and well. Art, in a demonic voice, inquired about the baby’s well-being. When she looked down, she realized she was standing within the sigil. Art turned into Abyzou and preyed on Claire and her child. 

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Yosille had fallen into Abyzou’s trap, believing that she would bring his wife back. After feeding Sarah by mistake, he decided to give up on his pursuit. He trapped Abyzou by offering his body to her and killing himself the minute he was possessed. Abyzou started playing mind games from the moment she was partially released when the amulet broke into pieces. By burning the amulet, Abyzou was completely free. She offered Art a choice: feed her another child or save his baby and lose his unborn forever. Art tried to trap Abyzou instead, but he failed to do so and lost his life in the process. By playing with Claire’s mind, Abyzou brought her within the sigil and fulfilled her wish in the end. Since no one was able to trap Abyzou, “The Offering” ends with the belief that she continues to roam around the mortal world, hunting for children. is a website that provides you with sport updates and entertainment news to brighten your day. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to know more about updated TV & Movies.