The Bachelor Season 27 Fantasy Suites Week: Who Did Jack Have Sex With?

In The Bachelor Season 27 Fantasy Suites Week, do you know who Jack had sex with? Hey fans, The Bachelor Season 27 has been exciting so far, and this week's fantasy suites episode didn't disappoint you. Zach, one of the contestants, initially claimed that he wouldn't have sex during the overnight dates, but later changed his mind. This decision created unnecessary drama and made for great TV, as we watched him struggle to do the right thing.

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The fantasy suites took place in Thailand, and the show made Zach's arrival by boat look like a grand adventure. Before sitting down with Jesse Palmer, Zach reflected on his feelings for each woman and his conversations with his friend Sean Lowe. He then announced that he wouldn't be having any kind of sex during the week. However, we'll have to keep watching to find out what really happened with Jack and the three remained contestants.

#1. The Bachelor Season 27 Fantasy Suites Week


Zach and Ariel go on a night market date in Thailand, where they try bug snacks. Ariel corrects Zach on the type of snack he's eating, and he is impressed by her knowledge. "Cricket" not "Chicken". During their dinner, Zach tells Ariel that he doesn't want to have sex during their fantasy suite date. Ariel is disappointed but understanding. The next morning, they are still cuddly, but Zach keeps his word.
While on their date, Ariel emphasizes the importance of physical intimacy in relationships. However, Zach has decided to abstain from sex during their fantasy suite date, which disappoints Ariel. Meanwhile, Gabi, one of the other contestants, is seen journaling and looking out the window with jealousy. As they return to their hotel, we get some atmospheric shots of the Thai surroundings.


Let's talk about Gabi, who's the complete opposite of Ariel. Gabi is very anxious about everything, from her appearance to her position on the second date. During their boat ride to a private island, Gabi starts to freak out over nothing and tells Zach that she's used to feeling like a second choice. However, Zach reassures her that he gets insecure too, and they bond over their joint anxiety. They have dinner, and Gabi shares that she's falling in love with him. Zach is thrilled, but he then tells her they won't be having sex. Gabi isn't happy about this, but they still go into their fantasy suite.
The next morning, Zach confesses to Jesse Palmer that they had a passionate night, even though he told Gabi they wouldn't have sex. Zach feels terrible about going against his word, so he decides to tell Kaity, but he should have told Ariel instead. Gabi doesn't like this because something that was private just between them will now be public to everyone. Zach whispers that he's falling for Gabi but has to be honest with the other women. As Zach is leaving, Gabi looks worried.

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Kaity and Zach's date started off with a unique and fun activity - a transparent canoe ride to see underwater. However, things went downhill as soon as it started raining, and Zach chose that moment to confess something to Kaity. He told her about his "no-sex rule" that he broke earlier in the week. Kaity was puzzled about why he felt the need to share this information with her.
Kaity was taken aback by the confession and went from trying to be understanding to be upset. However, after some time apart to collect her thoughts, she was able to calm down and have a conversation with Zach during dinner. He explained that his Catholic guilt was the reason for his confession, and Kaity ultimately forgave him, choosing to move forward with their relationship.


As the rose ceremony approaches, Zach is faced with a difficult decision. He had an amazing date with Ariel, had sex with Gabi, and Kaity is his clear favorite. Ultimately, he gives the first rose to Kaity and the second to Gabi. Ariel is cut, which is understandable, but it’s clear that Gabi is not happy. In her confessional, she expresses her anger and hurt at being chosen after he broke his no-sex rule with her. She feels like she’s being punished for something she didn't do wrong, and that Zach prioritized his own guilt over her feelings.
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