Swarm Show's Cryptic Ending Sequence & Final Shot Explained

Janine Nabers, co-creator and showrunner, explains the cryptic conclusion to Swarm and that final shot. Swarm, which is currently available on Prime Video, is headed by Judas and the Black Messiah actor Dominique Fishback as Dre. Dre, a young woman obsessed with a fictional pop singer called Ni'Jah (Nirine S. Brown), is driven to murder after suffering a sudden and devastating loss. Dre shares a personal moment with Ni'Jah in the finale, and in the show's final shot, after Dre storms the stage at one of her performances. It's unclear whether this is genuine or a hallucination.

#1. How Is The Ending Assessed?

Dominique Fishback as DreSource: Los Angeles Times

In an interview with TVLine, Nabers, who co-created Swarm with Donald Glover, discussed the conclusion. The showrunner explained that different people will have different interpretations of what's going on with Dre in those final moments, based on how the character is interpreted. Nabers goes on to reaffirm the show's emphasis on Dre's grief following the death of Marissa (Chloe Bailey), and how this sets her on her journey.
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“I think people have different viewpoints on Dre. Whatever viewpoint you have with her at that moment is right. It’s all about her mindset and your interpretation of this character. At the end of the day, this is about a woman going through grief in her way. What she sees at that moment is a manifestation of a lot of the things that she’s been dealing with, especially from the pilot, that set her on this journey, to begin with.”

#2. Atlanta Season 4 Finale.

Atlanta Season 4 FinaleSource: Variety

In the same conversation, Nabers discusses the Atlanta season 4 finale. Of course, Glover created and acted in Atlanta, which had an equally ambiguous ending, and Nabers was a writer on the FX show. According to Nabers, the ambiguity of the ending is very much the point in both instances. "I believe some of the best films have this kind of open-mindedness to it," the showrunner said, "and so, we were just interested in that feeling of, 'What does this mean? 'How do I feel?' — and sparking discussion." In Atlanta and Swarm, the open-mindedness described by Nabers serves different objectives.
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#3. Atlanta Season 4 Helps To Explain Swarm's Ending.

Swarm CastSource: The Cinemaholic

The answer to the question of what Darius's last smile signifies changes the course of the Atlanta series. Either Atlanta's strangeness is explained as an extension of Darius' dreams, or Darius is smiling because he recognizes and accepts that he is with his loved ones and that they will not disappear. The answer to that final shot in Swarm can disclose a lot: is Dre crying because she's finally found serenity, thanks to the comfort of her idol, or is it just a never-ending cycle of delusion and hallucination? Fishback's performance leaves plenty of room for interpretation, and the actor excels in a difficult character that doesn't devolve into pure caricature.
On social media, some have argued that Swarm should have been released in weekly installments rather than all at once because the series invites conversation in the manner that its co-creators intended. It deals with serious issues, but the horror-thriller is also hilarious in sections and has already gone viral for a few of its scenes. As it stands, however, those who have seen the finale should still be able to discuss its ambiguity. There are multiple correct answers.
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