Stranger Things Season 5 Theories: What Will Happen Next?

If you are looking for Stranger Things season 5 theories, you are not alone. Stranger Things is one of the most popular and beloved shows on Netflix, with a loyal fan base that eagerly awaits every new season. The fourth season of the sci-fi horror series was released in October 2022, and it left us with many questions and cliffhangers. Will Eleven regain her powers? Where is Hopper? Who is Vecna? And most importantly, will there be a fifth season?

While Netflix has not officially confirmed Stranger Things season 5 yet, many fans are hopeful that the show will return for one final adventure. In fact, some fans have already come up with their own theories and predictions about what will happen next. In this blog post, we will explore some of the best and most plausible Stranger Things season 5 theories that we found online.

#1. Stranger Things Season 5 Theories - Theory 1: Max is trapped inside Vecna’s mind

Stranger Things Season 5 Theories 1Source: mangareader

One of the most shocking twists of Stranger Things season 4 was the reveal that Vecna, the mysterious villain who was controlling people’s minds through Dungeons & Dragons games, was actually Max’s long-lost brother Eddie. Eddie had been kidnapped by Brenner’s experiments and turned into a powerful psychic who could create illusions and manipulate reality.

However, at the end of season 4, Eleven managed to break free from Vecna’s influence and confront him in his lair. She discovered that Eddie was hooked up to a machine that amplified his powers but also drained his life force. She tried to save him but he refused to go with her, saying that he was too far gone and that he wanted to die.

But what if Eddie didn’t die? What if he somehow transferred his consciousness into Max’s mind before he expired? This theory suggests that Max is now trapped inside Vecna’s mind and that she will be his new puppet in season 5. This would explain why Max seemed so distant and cold in the final scene of season 4 when she hugged Lucas goodbye.

#2. Theory 2: Karen Wheeler is connected to the Creels and will play a big role in Season 5

Stranger Things Season 5 Theories 2Source: Glamour

Another surprising revelation of Stranger Things season 4 was that Karen Wheeler, Mike and Nancy’s mother, had a secret past involving Brenner’s experiments. In episode 6, we learned that Karen was part of a group of young women who volunteered for Brenner’s project in exchange for money. However, she backed out at the last minute when she realized how dangerous it was.
But what if Karen still has some connection to Brenner’s project? What if she knows more than she lets on? This theory proposes that Karen is somehow related to the Creels, a family who lived in Hawkins in the 1950s and who were also involved in Brenner’s experiments. The Creels were introduced in episode 1 of season 4 when they mysteriously died after their son Victor opened a box containing an unknown object.
The theory suggests that Karen might be Victor’s daughter or niece who inherited his psychic abilities but suppressed them over time. This would explain why Karen seemed to have a strange connection to Eleven when she met her for the first time in season . It would also explain why Karen decided to leave Ted Wheeler at the end of season 4 and move away with Holly. Perhaps Karen will play a bigger role in Stranger Things season 5 as she discovers more about her family history and her own powers. Maybe she will even join forces with Eleven and Hopper to stop Brenner once and for all.

#3. Stranger Things Season 5 Theories - Theory 3: The Mind Flayer is the actual Big Bad

The Mind Flayer is the actual Big BadSource: wallpapercave

The Mind Flayer has been one of the main antagonists of Stranger Things since season 2. It is a massive shadowy creature from another dimension called the Upside Down who can possess people and creatures through its spores or tentacles. It has tried to invade Hawkins several times but has always been defeated by Eleven and her friends. However, some fans think that the Mind Flayer is not just another monster but rather the actual Big Bad of Stranger Things who has a master plan that goes beyond Hawkins. This theory argues that the Mind Flayer is not just a mindless beast but rather a sentient and intelligent being who can communicate with other creatures and humans through telepathy.
The theory also suggests that the Mind Flayer has a personal vendetta against Eleven, who is the only one who can challenge its power and stop its invasion. The Mind Flayer has tried to kill Eleven several times but has always failed. In season 4, it even managed to bite her leg and infect her with its spores, causing her to lose her powers temporarily.
Perhaps in Stranger Things season 5, we will learn more about the Mind Flayer’s origins, motives and goals. Maybe it will reveal itself to Eleven and try to persuade her to join its side or destroy her once and for all. Maybe it will also try to open more portals to other dimensions or worlds where it can spread its influence.

#4. Stranger Things Season 5 Theories - Theory 4: Eddie will return

Eddie will return in Stranger Things Season 5Source: tirex

As we mentioned before, Eddie was Max’s brother who was kidnapped by Brenner’s experiments and turned into Vecna. He died at the end of season 4 when he refused to go with Eleven and asked her to kill him instead. However, some fans think that Eddie might not be dead after all.

This theory speculates that Eddie might have faked his death or survived somehow by using his powers. Maybe he escaped from his lair before it collapsed or transferred his consciousness into another body or object. Maybe he even joined forces with Brenner or another villain who could help him heal his wounds.

The theory also proposes that Eddie might have a redemption arc in Stranger Things season 5 where he reunites with Max and tries to make amends for what he did as Vecna. Maybe he will help Max escape from Vecna’s mind control or fight against Brenner’s experiments. Maybe he will even sacrifice himself for Max or Eleven in a heroic act.

#5. Theory 5: The introduction of Borys from DnD lore

Borys from DnD lore in Stranger Things Season 5Source: reddit

Stranger Things has always been heavily influenced by Dungeons & Dragons (DnD), a popular role-playing game that features fantasy elements such as magic, monsters and quests. Many of the characters and events in Stranger Things are based on DnD concepts such as Demogorgon, Thessalhydra and Vecna.
In season 4, we learned that Vecna was not only a DnD character but also a real person who was behind many of the strange occurrences in Hawkins. However, Vecna was not alone. He had an ally named Borys, another DnD character who was also known as “the Dragon” or “the Doom of Oerth”.
Borys was a powerful sorcerer who became corrupted by evil magic and transformed into a dragon-like creature. He allied himself with Vecna in order to achieve immortality and godhood. Together they waged war against other gods and mortals until they were defeated by their enemies.
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Borys from DnD lore in Stranger Things Season 5Source: creen rant

This theory suggests that Borys might make an appearance in Stranger Things season 5 as another villain or threat. Maybe Borys is still alive somewhere in Hawkins or another location where Brenner’s experiments took place. Maybe he is waiting for Vecna’s return or plotting his own scheme.
The theory also predicts that Borys might have something to do with Hopper’s fate. In season 4, we saw that Hopper was alive but trapped in a Russian prison camp. He had lost a lot of weight and looked very different from his usual self. He also seemed to be involved in some kind of labor project that involved digging a tunnel or a hole.
This theory speculates that Borys might have something to do with Hopper’s situation. Maybe Borys is also imprisoned by the Russians and they are forcing him to use his magic to open a portal to the Upside Down or another dimension. Maybe Borys is secretly working with Hopper to escape or sabotage their plans. The theory also anticipates that Borys might have a connection to Eleven’s powers. Maybe Borys knows something about Eleven’s origins or abilities that could help her regain her powers or unlock her full potential. Maybe Borys will teach Eleven some new tricks or secrets about magic and DnD.

#6. Theory 6: The return of Barb

Barb Stranger Things Source: Vanity Fair

Barb was Nancy’s best friend who was killed by the Demogorgon in season 1 of Stranger Things. Her death was one of the most tragic and shocking moments in the show, and many fans were outraged by how little attention it received from the other characters.
However, some fans believe that Barb might not be dead after all. This theory proposes that Barb might have survived her encounter with the Demogorgon somehow or been resurrected by some unknown force. Maybe she escaped from the Upside Down before it closed or was brought back to life by Eleven’s powers or Brenner’s experiments.
The theory also suggests that Barb might play an important role in Stranger Things season 5 as a friend or ally to Nancy and the others. Maybe Barb will help Nancy cope with her trauma or guilt over what happened to her. Maybe Barb will also join forces with Nancy and Jonathan to investigate more mysteries or conspiracies related to Hawkins Lab.

#7. Theory 7: The introduction of new characters

characters in Stranger ThingsSource: Variety

Stranger Things has always introduced new characters every season, some of whom became fan favorites such as Max, Billy, Robin and Erica. In season 4, we met Eddie, Vecna, Brenner and several other new faces who added more depth and diversity to the story.
In season 5, we can expect more new characters to join the cast of Stranger Things. Some of them might be friends or foes for our heroes. Meanwhile,  others might be related to existing characters or previous events. Here are some possible candidates for new characters in Stranger Things season 5:
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  • A new love interest for Steve: Steve has been unlucky in love ever since he broke up with Nancy in season 2. He tried to date Robin in season 3 but she turned out to be gay. In season 4, he had a brief flirtation with Eddie’s sister, but nothing serious came out of it. In season 5, Steve might finally find his match in a new character who shares his passion for music and movies. However, some fans speculate that Steve might die in the final season as a way to complete his character arc.
  • A new villain from Russia: Season 4 revealed that the Russians were behind the reopening of the gate to the Upside Down and that they had captured Dr. Brenner and a Demogorgon. In season 5, we might see more of their sinister plans and how they intend to use Brenner’s knowledge and the monster’s power for their own purposes. A new character who could be the main antagonist of season 5 is Vecna, a mysterious Russian scientist who has a personal connection to Eleven4.
  • A new friend for Eleven: Eleven lost her powers at the end of season 3 and spent most of season 4 trying to regain them with the help of Kali and other test subjects from Hawkins Lab. In season 5, she might meet another person who has similar abilities and who can help her cope with her trauma and identity crisis. This could be either a friend or a foe, depending on their motives and alignment.
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These are just some of the many Stranger Things season 5 theories that fans have come up with. Of course, we won’t know for sure what will happen until Netflix announces the renewal and release date of the fifth season. Until then, we can only speculate and hope that our favorite characters will return for one last adventure in Hawkins and beyond. What do you think will happen in Stranger Things season 5?
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