Sibling Puppies Unknowingly Reunite In Forever Home After 4 Years Apart

Dogs have been considered human’s best companions since thousands of years ago. They’ve played such an important role in our lives and often served as herders or guardians of cattle, sniffer dogs, or guide dogs. Today, more and more people raise these lovable canines for social purposes and companionship. It’s clear that having a doggo waiting for you at home and cheering you up whenever you feel down can substantially lift your mood. Sometimes, you’ll even gain some extra joy when you discover an unexpected and unbelievable fact as the Reddit user in this story – the owner of two dogs: Fred and Fiona.

Let’s start with the lovely snap of this four-legged duo!

Source: u/Sparklesandfur

Each dog had their own story, which led them to the Redditor. Fred was abandoned in a park by his old owner 4 years ago. Just imagining the scene where he desperately chased after his family’s car to no avail made us furious and sorry for the one-year-old puppy. Fortunately, he met the poster and ended up at a cozy and loving home.

Source: u/Sparklesandfur

They moved to a new place the following year and enjoyed their time together until 2 years later when they welcomed a new member into the family. The Redditor was tagged in a Facebook post about a dog in need. The pup named Fiona had some similar traits to Fred, so the poster decided to take her in immediately.

Source: u/Sparklesandfur

One day, the Reddit user realized an incredible fact after doing DNA tests on all their dogs. It turned out that Fiona reminded them of Fred because the two dogs were full siblings! The dog owner did some research and figured out that Fiona was at a nearby shelter 3 months after they took Fred in.

Source: u/Sparklesandfur

Here is the picture of one of the dog!

Source: u/Sparklesandfur

And here is the photo of the other!

Source: u/Sparklesandfur

What a small world! All netizens were astonished to read this story, but everyone was happy for the pups. This lovely thread has undoubtedly made their day!

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