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Shadow & Bone: 9 Details To Remember Before Watching Season 2

Season 2 of Netflix’s Shadow and Bone is now available, and while the ending neatly ties up several plot threads, it also leaves several issues unanswered. Season 2 saw the return of familiar faces as it followed Alina and Mal on their quest for the second amplifier, Kaz Brekker and his Crows on their next heist, and Nina’s efforts to free Matthias from Hellgate prison. It also follows the still-alive General Kirigan, a.k.a. the Darkling, as he continues his mission to seize control of all of Ravka.

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This season also saw the introduction of several new characters, including Nikolai Lantsov, the bastard prince of Ravka, his loyal bodyguards and friends, the twins Tamar and Tolya, and Wylan, the Crows’ new demolitions specialist. Each of them introduced new storylines and backstories to Shadow and Bone season 2, with some of them laying the groundwork for season 3, if it happens.

#1. The Battle Between Light And Dark In A Fantasy World Full.

“Shadow and Bone” is based on the novel trilogy of the same name by Leigh Bardugo. It takes place in a fantasy universe populated by monsters and wizards. Ravka, Kerch, Fjerda, Shu Han, Novyi Zem, and the Wandering Isle are the world’s six major nations. However, in the center of Ravka, there is a massive mass of darkness filled with monsters known as the Volcra, which separates East and West Ravka. It was created hundreds of years ago by the Black Heretic, a Grisha, the name given to wizards in this realm. The Black Heretic was a type of wizard who could conjure shadows and darkness.

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Only the sun summoner, who can summon light, is said to be able to destroy the darkness known as the Shadow Fold. This brings us to the present day, where Fjerdans hunt Grisha, Ravkans force Grisha to fight in their second army, and Alina Starkov is ultimately revealed as the sun summoner. (Jessie Mei Li). Alina is still on her quest to destroy the Fold in season two of the Netflix series.

#2. Alina And Mal Are Two Orphans Set On Taking Down The Fold.

Alina is introduced as a half-Shu, half-Ravkan orphan from the Ravkan village of Keramzin who grew up to become a cartographer in the army of her nation. In the first episode, she is sent through the Shadow Fold with her childhood best friend Malyen Orestev (Archie Renaux), another orphan and excellent tracker, to test a new ship that could help East Ravka connect to West Ravka.

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However, their ship is attacked by the Volcra and Alina learns she can summon light by saving the crew. The Grisha then abducts Alina and separates her from Mal. While Mal is sent on a quest to find a magical beast known as the Stag, which could aid Alina in her battle against the Fold, Alina must learn the ways of the Grisha at their stronghold known as the Little Palace.

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Alina falls for General Aleksander Kirigan (Ben Barnes), the leader of the Grisha forces and a shadow summoner himself, after not hearing from Mal. Kirigan’s mother Baghra (Zo Wanamaker) informs Alina in episode five that the general is the Black Heretic who established the Fold. Alina escapes the Little Palace just as Mal returns with the location of the Stag. The pair reunites and sets out to locate the Stag to stop Kirigan and defeat the Fold.

#3. General Kirigan Wants To Save The Grisha By Instilling Fear.

Episode seven transports us hundreds of years before the Fold’s inception. Kirigan was known as Aleksander Morozova at the time, the grandson of the first documented Grisha, Morozova, also known as the Bonesmith. The Morozovas were the only family capable of shadow summoning, and Kirigan’s grandfather made creatures like the Stag out of his bones as amplifiers for all Grisha.

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Aleksander grew into a fearsome fighter for Ravka. However, after defeating the king’s enemies, the monarch sent his army to kill Aleksander and the other Grisha because they posed a danger. The king’s troops kill Aleksander’s lover Luda (Lucy Griffiths). As retaliation, and despite his mother’s warnings, Aleksander attempted to use forbidden magic, known as most, to create his army to protect the Grisha. However, Aleksander relinquished control, resulting in the formation of the Fold and the Volcra.

#4. There Is A Subplot Following A Crew Of Thieves Called The Crows.

Before we get to the conclusion of season one, a subplot based on Bardugo’s other Grishaverse books needs to be explained. We also follow a band of Kerch thieves on a near-impossible quest to traverse the Fold, kidnap the rumored sun summoner, and bring her back to Kerch’s capital city, Ketterdam, in season one.

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The Crows, or thieves, are made up of three individuals. Kaz Brekker (Freddy Carter) is their criminal genius lockpicker commander. He is cunning and cruel, and he has a grudge against Pekka Rollins, the head of the Ketterdam criminal underworld. (Dean Lennox Kelly). Inej Ghafa (Anita Suman) is a Suli traveler who was abducted and imprisoned in Ketterdam. The criminal mastermind is paying off her indenture, a slave contract, while she serves as Kaz’s spy. In the second episode, Kaz gives the lease to his club, the Crow Club, as collateral to Inej’s former master, Tante Heleen (Deirdre Mullins), to send the spy on the assignment.

#5. Kirigan Seemingly Dies.

Unfortunately for Kirigan, Mal and the Crows are stowed away on the ship and battle the Grisha to halt their plan. One of the Grisha on the ship, Zoya Nazyalenksy (Sujaya Dasgupta), a past lover of Kirigan (and rival of Alina), switches sides to aid the Crows. Amid the chaos, Alina regains control of her powers from Kirigan, and the fight ultimately ends with a Volcra taking Kirigan away and killing him.

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However, in the season one finale, Kirigan is seen walking out of the Fold, followed by monsters formed of the same shadow as the Fold, who appear to be under his influence. These could be Nichevo’ya creatures from the “Shadow and Bones” series. They are made in books using most magic and can recover from sword and gun attacks.

#6. Alina Goes On A Journey To Vanquish The Fold.

The Crows, Zoya, Mal, and Alina exit the Fold on their own after the fight. Alina and Mal are searching for additional amplifiers to assist Alina in destroying the Fold in other countries. It’s worth noting that because Alina was prophesied, many people regard her as a saint, making it difficult for her to travel the world without being known.

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Zoya heads to find her family who were in West Ravka before Kirigan’s attack. Finally, the Crows return to Ketterdam, with royal jewels given to them by Alina to make sure they don’t reveal where she went.

#7. Grisha And A Grisha Hunter Fall In Love.

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Nina and Matthias eventually fall for each other and decide to stay together even when they return to civilization. However, the entire time Nina has been keeping the secret that she is a spy for the Ravkan army. When her comrades come to rescue her and execute Matthias, she lies about him being a slaver so that he is arrested and sent to Kerch, where he will be safe from the Grisha army. At the end of the season, Nina is seen boarding a boat to Ketterdam with the Crows hoping to free Matthias.

#8. There Are Three Main Subsections Of Grisha.

Grisha comes from all over the globe, but they are divided into three major groups: Corporalki, Etherealki, and Materialki. Corporalki can manipulate living objects by healing them (Healers), altering their appearance (Tailors), or damaging internal organs. (Heartrenders).

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The Etherealki controls the elements of air (Squallers), water and ice (Tidemakers), and fire (Firemakers). (Infernus). This category also includes the sun and shadow summoners. Finally, the Materialki uses molecular manipulation to control chemicals (Alkemis) or solid objects. (Durasts). The Grisha in Ravka is given bulletproof clothing called a Kefta based on their ability: blue for Etherealki, black for Kirigan, red for Corporalki, and purple for Materialki.

#9. The King Of Ravka Was Poisoned.

While at the Little Palace earlier in the season, Alina befriended a Tailor called Genya Safin (Daisy Head), who claims she was gifted to the Queen (Georgia Reece) by Kirigan when she was a child.

Queen (Georgia Reece) by KiriganSource: Insider

Genya suggests in episode five that King Pyotr (David Verrey) sexually abuses her. In episode seven, she confesses to Alina that she has been secretly working for Kirigan the entire time and may have used her access to poison the king and destabilize the Ravkan government. Kirigan’s assault on West Ravka and the implied attack on the king is likely to have strained human-Grisha relations in Ravka more than ever. is a website that provides you with sports updates and entertainment news to brighten your day. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to know more about TV & Movies.