School Spirits Episode 6 Cast, Guest Stars, And Spoilers: "Grave the Last Dance"

Searching for information about the School Spirits episode 6 cast and guest stars? The sixth episode of School Spirits is titled "Grave the Last Dance," It takes us on an exciting journey against the backdrop of the homecoming dance.
During this time, secrets are disclosed, suspicions are raised, and a romance develops. As the audience watches the protagonists navigate the complexities of love, friendship, and Maddie's absence, they are on the edge of their seats. This remarkable phenomenon is broken out in great detail throughout the rest of this essay.

School Spirits Episode 6 Cast And Guest Stars: "Grave the Last Dance"

School Spirits Episode 6 Cast And Guest Stars Source: School Spirits
  • Peyton List plays Maddie Nears
  • Sarah Yarkin plays Rhonda
  • Nick Pugliese plays Charley
  • Rainbow Wedell plays Claire Zahler
  • Kalyn Miles plays Ms. Fields
  • Vanessa Prasad plays Kirsten
  • Alison Thornton plays Chloe
  • Josh Zuckerman plays Mr. Martin


  • Carolyn Adair plays Study Hall Teacher
  • Kristian Flores plays Simon Elroy
  • Milo Manheim plays Wally Clark
  • Spencer Macpherson plays Xavier Baxter
  • Kiara Pichardo plays Nicole Herrera
  • Maria Dizzia plays Sandra Nears

School Spirits "Grave the Last Dance" Spoilers

School Spirits Episode 6 Cast And Guest Stars School Spirits Episode 6 Cast And Guest Stars: "Grave the Last Dance"
In the first scene, Claire reacts to Xavier's text message by declaring that she and Xavier will attend the dance together. Xavier had sent her the message. Simon, Xavier, and Nicole naturally assemble to "get Claire to acknowledge murdering Maddie." Throughout their discussion on the dance, Maddie asks Rhonda if they can engage in sexual activity in the hereafter, to which Rhonda responds. Rhonda finds out that Maddie was a virgin at the time of her passing after conducting more research into the matter.
Wally successfully gets Maddie to attend the dance after he persistently asks her. Claire has several questions for Xavier that pertain to the why. Xavier defuses the dispute by instantly acknowledging his wrongdoing and assuring her he will make peace with her. This makes Xavier anxious about Claire, and it's possible that it was a set-up, but Simon brings up the obligation they owe Maddie to calm him down. Wally and Maddie go to the dance together after making plans to do so beforehand.


The next thing that happens is that Claire waits for Xavier's dad to come downstairs so that she may interrogate him. After warning him that her friends would be difficult on him at the dance, Claire pulls over the car on the way there to give him a passionate kiss before continuing on to the dance. Sandra, Maddie's mother, is at home shaken up by a disturbance she hears. As all is going on, Rhonda and Maddie are watching Wally at the dance to ensure he is having the time of his life.
Xavier and Simon fight at the dance because nothing goes according to plan. As Maddie isn't paying Wally any attention, he tells her that they don't think it's a good idea for them to go to the dance since they don't think it will be fun. When he tells her that he doesn't believe she's ready to die, she wants to know why he thinks that way. Naturally, she mentions that his passing occurred in "old times," although hers is quite recent. When Maddie looks up from her conversation with Xavier, she sees Claire and her date walking out of the dance.
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