‘Sad And Depressed’ Shelter Cat Changes Incredibly After Finding His Forever Family

What do you think when you see a cat with a depressed face? Do you think they are really upset? Well, there are some felines that are born with unhappy faces, and they always look like they’re feeling down in the dumps. However, Fishtopher isn’t one of them, as his sad face does mean that he is despondent. 


Fishtopher is a 5-year-old cat found as a stray in New Jersey. He was brought to Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center and stayed there for some time. Though he loved the staff at the shelter, he’s never stopped wishing for his own home. He felt lonely most of the time, and his feelings were totally reflected on his face.

The feline craved affection and attention so much that he only ate when the caregivers stopped by his crate. Though everyone at the center loved this adorable cat, they knew he deserved a forever home. Therefore, they formed a Petfinder profile for Fishtopher to describe his special personality.


“Friendly, affectionate, gentle, quiet, couch potato,” his profile read. “He is a sweet, easy-going, laid-back boy. He loves cuddling up in arms, it seems to make him feel secure.”

With the above characteristics, this cute cat seemed suitable for a peaceful house, so the shelter hoped the right family would contact them soon. “We feel that Fishtopher would do best in a more quiet home,” they wrote. “Please come rescue our big, loveable boy!”


The profile was then shared by a Twitter user called Molly Clarke and went viral after a short time. Lots of potential adopters called Homeward Bound with the hope of bringing Fishtopher home.

“We literally had hundreds of inquiries from people who wanted to adopt,” Homeward Bound wrote in a Facebook post. “People were waiting out front this morning in line!”


Laura Folts and Tanner Callahan fell at first sight when they saw the viral tweet of Fishtopher and wasted no time to get him home. They immediately drove 2 hours to the shelter to meet the lovable cat and finish the necessary procedures to adopt him.

The center staff was going to miss Fishtopher when he left, but they all felt happy that the lovely cat finally had his own home. “We’re super happy for him,” the shelter wrote. “Fishtopher has left the building!”


Despite his timid disposition, Fishtopher realized the his new owners’ love and warmth, and he was willing to fall in their gentle hands. “He is very shy, but once held, he likes to hide his face into the crook of your arm,” Folts wrote in a tweet.

Folts and Callahan gave their new baby plenty of hugs and kissed on the way home, and they started to learn about their cat as soon as they came home. “His favorite things: the couch and puree tube treats!” Folts wrote. “He’s mostly just happy to get some treats.”


One thing they were thrilled about was the change in Fishtopher’s face. His droopy eyes opened wilder to explore every corner of his new home. His ears also became more lively to catch the new sounds, including a treat bag opening, his parents’ kisses, and peaceful silence. He loved his family right away and really enjoyed every day with his beloved parents. Meanwhile, the couple fell for the furry ball more and more, especially when they saw his cheerful face. “He’s the goodest, bestest boy,” Folts wrote.

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