Real Madrid's Players Are Blaming The Club For Ditching Casemiro, Reportedly

Real Madrid is currently going through an exciting stretch of play. After winning five titles in the Champions League in just nine seasons, it is evident that the Old Guard will progressively walk away in favor of the club's future stars. This is because the Old Guard has won five titles in the Champions League in just nine seasons.
The summer saw the departure of several notable players, including Gareth Bale, Marcelo, and Isco, among others. The transfer of Casemiro to Manchester United was a surprise, in contrast to the other exits, which were anticipated.

Casemiro Are Still In High Spirits, Both National Team & Club

Real Madrid's Players Source: Getty Images
Casemiro is still relatively young at 30, and he was an important contributor to Real Madrid's victory in the Champions League the year before. As a result, the decision of the Brazilian to leave came as a surprise to a great number of individuals.
When the rumors regarding Casemiro's possible transfer to Manchester United surfaced, many supporters brushed them off as "fantasy." They turned out to be anything but that, and shortly after that, the Brazilian moved on to Old Trafford after winning all that was up for grabs during his time at Santiago Bernabeu. It would appear that the other players at Real Madrid were not pleased with the choice made by the club to release Casemiro. According to what was published in The Athletic:

Real Madrid's Players Now Regret Letting Casemiro Go

Real Madrid's Players
They knew Casemiro's name was being mentioned in connection with a move to a different club, but they originally disregarded the rumor. After it became clear that the Brazilian was going to sign with Manchester United, several senior players met with manager Carlo Ancelotti to discuss the situation. They got to the point by stating that Real Madrid cannot afford to lose Casemiro since he is an indispensable part of the team that has won everything and is currently the champion in both Spain and Europe.

A Huge Disappointment

Real Madrid's Players
For a defensive midfielder who was 30 years old, the offer, which was reported to be approximately £70 million, including add-ons, was possibly too attractive for Real Madrid to turn down. The offer was for a player who had been with the club for ten years.
In addition, it did not turn out to be the catastrophe many people had anticipated. Aurelien Tchouameni, who joined the team just this past summer but has already established himself as a regular starter despite replacing a club icon like Casemiro, deserves a significant portion of the credit for this accomplishment. The fact that he is only 22 years old makes one wonder how impressive he will be when he is in the prime of his career.
Casemiro, on the other hand, has had a rocky time at Manchester United, but he is doing very well for the Brazil national team at the World Cup, which is one of the favorites to win the tournament. Despite this, Casemiro's time at Manchester United has been a mixed bag.
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