Ranking 20 Movie Wedding Dresses That Every Ordinary Woman Wishes To Have

Weddings are all about fairy-tale endings and love. Every bride wants to be a princess, feeling like a movie star on her big day. So, why not look to the iconic on-screen wedding scenes for inspiration? After all, the most touching moments in movies are undoubtedly when our favorite characters tie knots in lovely, overblown, and unexpected ways. The bride walks down the aisle in her gorgeous breathtaking gown, and everyone turns their heads.

Remember that Vivienne Westwood gown Carrie Bradshaw wears while getting her heart crushed in the movie “Sex and the City”, or Juliet’s (Keira Knightley) unique sheer-and-feather white number from “Love Actually”, we’re sure that no woman can’t take their eyes off them. No matter what it is, a wedding dress is always one of the most memorable costumes from a movie.

Scroll down to see 20 of the best movie wedding dresses. Read these articles to see more: 15 Actresses Whose Movie Wedding Dresses, 9 Lavishly Dreamlike Celebrity Weddings Of All Time, and 10 Fairytale Celebrity Weddings.

#20 Araminta’s dress from Crazy Rich Asians, 2018

Movie Wedding DressesSource: East News

#19 Connie’s dress from The Godfather, 1972

Source: East News

#18 Hannah’s dress from Made of Honor, 2008

Source: East News

#17 Viola’s dress from Shakespeare in Love, 1998

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#16 Sophie’s dress from Mamma Mia!, 2008

Source: Littlestar / Playtone / Collection Christophel / East News

#15 Fiona’s dress from Shrek, 2001

Source: © Shrek / DreamWorks Animation and co-producers

#14 Annie’s dress from Father of the Bride, 1991

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#13 Mary’s dress from The Wedding Planner, 2001

Source: © The Wedding Planner / Columbia Pictures and co-producers

#12 Michelle’s dress from American Wedding, 2003

Source: Universal / Courtesy Everett Collection / East News

#11 Ava’s dress from Love, Wedding, Marriage, 2011

Source: © Love, Wedding, Marriage / Chydzik Media Group and co-producers

#10 Padmé’s dress from Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones, 2002

Source: © Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones / Lucasfilm and co-producers

#9 Jo’s dress from Funny Face, 1957

Source: LFI / Avalon.red / REPORTER / East News

#8 Both Emma and Liv’s dresses from Bride Wars, 2009

Movie Wedding DressesSource: FIRM FILMS / NEW REGENCY PICTURES / REGENCY ENTERPRISES / Album / East News

#7 Charlie’s dress from Monster-in-Law, 2005

Movie Wedding DressesSource: © LANDMARK MEDIA / Alamy Stock Photo

#6 Maria’s dress from The Sound of Music, 1965

Movie Wedding DressesSource: East News

#5 Shelby’s dress from Steel Magnolias, 1989

Movie Wedding DressesSource: East News

#4 Christine’s dress from The Phantom of the Opera, 2004

Movie Wedding DressesSource: © The Phantom of the Opera / Warner Bros. and co-producers

#3 Bella’s dress from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1, 2011

Movie Wedding DressesSource: © The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 / Summit Entertainment and co-producers

#2 Cinderella’s dress from Cinderella, 1950

Source: © Cinderella / Walt Disney Animation Studios

#1 Mia’s dress from The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, 2004

Movie Wedding DressesSource: DISNEY ENTERPRISES / Album / EAST NEWS