Playboi Carti New Album: Official Release Date and Tracks

After posting a few photos on Instagram, the Playboi Carti  seems to have ignited the rollout to his long-awaited fourth studio album. Fans are so excited about the Opium leader new album. Here are all we know about Playboi Carti New Album release date and track titles.

1. Playboi Carti New Album Hints

Playboi Carti New Album Release DateSource: Twitter

Playboi Carti has returned to Instagram and he posted an image that could mean he's releasing new music very soon. On Christmas Eve (Dec. 24), Playboi Carti reactivated his Instagram account and posted an image of a play button over an equalizer image. What could this mean? It could mean a myriad of things. But for Carti fans, it could mean that the Georgia rapper is prepping to drop a new album—possibly on Christmas Day.
Per sources close to OGM, Music was reportedly delayed for three months due to “mixing issues,” as it seems likely that Playboi Carti’s appearance on “OUR DE$TINY” with A$AP Rocky could’ve been a catalyst to its release in September. Our source also revealed that the album could drop by the end of the year… but take that lightly. Ultimately, Carti — and only Carti — knows when he’s dropping.

2. When Playboi Carti Drops New Album?

Playboi Carti New Album Release DateSource: Vogue

It will be on December 25, 2022. Because Playboi Carti's message that "it's time" coincides with the release of "Whole Lotta Red," which was released on December 25, 2022, his followers are making wild assumptions.
Many have come to believe that the rapper intends to release another album as a Christmas present for his fans as a result of this. And if past performances are any indication, Playboi Carti's fans will be buying up his new music and giving his 2023 a successful start.

3. Playboi Carti New Album Name and Track Titles

Playboi Carti New Album NameSource: HiphopDX

 Music will be Playboi Carti’s fourth official studio album and is set to be introduced by a new track titled “Wicked.” He reveals that the single is unlike anything fans have heard from him in the past, yet still sees Carti being quintessentially himself through and through.
The subject matter Music will range from “Love. Sex. Drugs. Changes in my life,” the 25-year-old rapper said. Mental health is also slated to be a central theme for the record, as the Opium label head hopes he’s able to bring “peace to the world” upon its release.

Playboi Carti New Album TrackSource: Twitter

Sharing a screenshot of three new tracks on his IG story, Carti caused chaos on Christmas Eve when he posted a grainy mirror selfie as official cover art. Most likely for a lead single, the artwork — and screenshotted track files — sparked a slew of speculation on social media, as he coincidentally released Whole Lotta Red on Christmas Day in 2020. It’s unclear if Carti will drop anything over the holidays, but just know that “Music otw.” Christmas isn’t over just yet.
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Playboi Carti New Album TrackSource: Twitter

Announcing the album in an interview, Playboi Carti’s Music is poised to be vast with experimental sounds, containing quips of “Love. Sex. Drugs. Changes in my life,” he told the outlet in April. Mental health is also slated to be another central theme, as the 25-year-old rapper hopes he can bring “peace to the world” with insane new sounds in the near future.
“[It’s called] ‘Music’ because that’s all it is at this point… That’s what it’s for, so everybody can just [listen]… I’m here, forever. So, the music that I’m making is forever… I have a lot to say, I’m ready to speak my mind and just let it all go. It’s me.”
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