Pet Owner Immediately Took Action After Detecting Unfamiliar Animals Nested In Her Dog’s Bed

What would you do if there were unexpected animals appearing in your house? Throwing them away or nurturing them in your house? Which one will be your final decision? Following this is how a woman handled the situation when she accidentally noticed unfamiliar friends appear in her pet’s sleeping place.

The story began on an inclement weather day when Emma Jane Kidd was preparing the bed for her cherished dog, Merlin. Suddenly, three unknown visitors were found to be sleeping peacefully in the last destination of Merlin that night.

Source: Emma Jane Kidd

They were soon identified as quendas, brown bandicoots who live mainly in South Western Australia. Carefully checking the sleeping area, Kidd and her dog came to the conclusion that the quenda mother had gone, abandoning her kids sleeping over at Merline’s place to hide from the storm.

Kidd’s husband at first advised her to let these little animals take refuge in their house as it was rare to see the mother come back after leaving the babies. Nevertheless, it was shared by Kidd that the grumpy bed’s owner seemed not to be open to share the position with babies. Hence, she quickly put these poor quendas in a box with towels and a fur hot water bottle to cover them, then, quickly made a phone call to Darling Range Wildlife Shelter WA for help.

Source: Darling Range Wildlife Shelter WA

Soon after that, triple tiny quendas were received and taken care of nicely by the shelter.

“The triplets are now in care with us and are expected to grow nice and healthy.” Said the shelter in a post sharing information about three quendas on Facebook.

The post was also published with the purpose of appreciating the Kidd’s right action and raising higher awareness about things that needed to be done when wild animals are stuck in the resident house. See full post here.

Source: Darling Range Wildlife Shelter WA

“[Animals] need to be taken to licensed wildlife rehabilitators ASAP and not kept by members of the public,” said the shelter representative.

The Shelter also promised to protect the quendas until they’re mature enough to return to nature. One month later, they kept their promise and released all the quendas back to their home. This experience was then shared by the quendas’ saver, Emma Jane Kidd.

With one phone call only, Kidd saved the quendas and gave them the chance back to their normal life. Now, if the same situation happens, what would be your decision? If you find this story helpful, please share it with others to let them know about it. And don’t forget to check out other posts on our site for more interesting stories!