Pedro Pascal Admits He Loves To Play Father Figure In Sci-Fi Movies

Throughout the course of a single season, HBO’s live-action version of The Last of Us produced some of the most emotionally raw storytelling seen on contemporary television. This was made possible in large part by Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, the show’s leading performers, as well as Neil Druckmann, the creator of the original videogame, and Craig Mazin, who has been showcasing his abilities as a director on different projects.

They both gained notoriety from their appearances on HBO’s fantasy epic Game of Thrones, and this year, Joel and Ellie, one of the most well-known gaming couples, showed off their flexibility. Particularly Pascal has found himself in the spotlight lately for taking on jobs that always appear to feature the stereotypical father aspect. Pascal, though, explained just why he has been gravitating toward that particular type of character, according to a report from CBR.


Since The Last of Us finale episode marked the conclusion of the first season and the plot of the first game, viewers have been left in awe of Pascal’s portrayal of Joel, which culminated this past Sunday in the show’s emotionally heaviest episode with a wide margin. In the Salt Lake City Hospital, where he is confronted with the repercussions of his violent behavior, Joel is forced to face the person he loves the most: his surrogate daughter, who had to struggle in ways that no kid should ever have to in order to protect the potential cure for humanity.

He is unable to tell her the truth about what occurred and why he decided to keep her alive rather than let her give up her life for the cure out of both love and denial. In his fatherly role as Joel, which he has been happy to be able to bring to life on television for the millions of fans of the narrative who have been tuning in every week, Pascal flawlessly portrays all of these feelings. In a recent interview with Radio Times, he went into further detail about this and how he’s always been drawn to fatherly characters.


“You sort of step through the doors that open…I think this kind of reluctant-father dynamic was familiar to us all along from films and TV before The Mandalorian came around. It’s probably a coincidence. Although maybe there is something about me… It doesn’t go into my conscious decision-making as far as work is concerned. But maybe as far as what I can contribute to the character, it comes from a protective part of me. I can be very protective of my friends and family. But I ain’t got no kids!” He said