Obese Dog Left For Dead Ends Up Living Greatest Life With Actress Jane Lynch

While most pet lovers consider their pets beloved babies and shower them with lots of love, some can terribly abandon the animals without a second thought. It’s extremely heartbreaking to see an animal ditched in nowhere and doesn’t know what to do or where to go. Sadly, it’s even worse in the case of Arbuckle since the pup is so fat that he can’t move by himself! Despite his serious condition, he was left behind in the middle of nowhere when the family left.

Source: A Purposeful Rescue

Arbuckle weighed 116 pounds, 50 pounds heavier than he should be when he was found in 2017. The rescue team from  A Purposeful Rescue discovered him in a field near Tulare, California, and brought him to the L.A.-based shelter.

Source: Jane Lynch

The rescuers shared they were astounded when they saw the dog. The pup was obese and could hardly walk! His unbelievable weight was too heavy for his join to lift the body up.

When arriving at the vet, the rescuers realized that the miserable dog also suffered from hypothyroidism. Fortunately, the pup’s story doesn’t end up there.

Source: Jane Lynch

It was a challenge for specialists to help Arbuckle regain his health, but they finally succeeded. They shared his arduous journey on Instagram, which gained over 100k followers. 

What made it better is the poor pup got his own home with a warmhearted owner, the celebrity Jane Lynch! Though the dog successfully lost weight, the negative impact on his body was irreversible, so he didn’t have much time left. He lived the best final years with Jane and passed away due to health-related issues in 2019. After his death, Jane called for donations to A Purposeful Rescue in his honor and received $5,000 from her fans after one night!

Source: Jane Lynch

Hillary Rosen, the founder of A Purposeful Rescue said: “The army of people who rallied behind him was like nothing I have witnessed in rescue. We’ve rescued some really hot-mess dogs but Arbs was truly a miracle dog. He was infectious. He made all of us want to be better and do better. Watching his determination to live and love was a pretty powerful thing to be able to witness and the fact that he had all these people rooting for him is a testament to who he was.”

Source: Jane Lynch

If you aren’t able to take care of your pets anymore, please take them to an animal shelter instead of leaving them at a random place! Let’s share this touching story with your friends and family, and don’t forget to follow our site for more fascinating stories and ideas!