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Monkey Appears At Funeral To Display Grief Toward Man Who Fed Her

We have heard heart-melting stories about pets mourning their human pals. But not only domesticated animals, creatures in the wild knows how to show respect for the passing of their lifesavers and benefactors.

Source: Wikiwand (photo used for illustration)

In the autumn of 2022 in Sri Lanka, a touching tale unfolded. Peetambaram Rajan, a 56-year-old man in the Batticaloa region of Sri Lanka, passed away. A female gray langer arrived at his funeral and moved towards his open casket.

Source: Kaṉakarācā caravaṇaṉ va.Cakti

She held his face gently in her hands and touched his forehead with her nose. The monkey seemed shocked while looking at the man who had always fed her lying down, closing his eyes, and never moving again. After seeing if he was breathing, she grabbed his neck shirt, cried tears, touched his leg, bowed down, and sat next to him.

Source: Kaṉakarācā caravaṇaṉ va.Cakti

Rajan had given the gray langur fruits, cookies, and other foods. She came to his house almost every day. The man’s kids even had sweets and played with her.

Source: Kaṉakarācā caravaṇaṉ va.Cakti

The monkey also went to the cemetery where his last cremation took place and paid tribute to him. Rajan’s family was eased by her precious attitude and recorded the priceless moment.

Watch the full video here!

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