Melting Your Heart With Adorable Red Panda Twins At Longleat Wildlife Park

Red pandas are famous bamboo eaters native to Asia’s high forests. Not as populous as giant pandas, there are only less than 10,000 species left in the wild. Yet, anywhere showing the appearance of this animal, people are overwhelmed by their cuteness. Let’s meet a couple of red pandas at Longleat Wildlife Park, a sweet home for wild animals located in the UK.

Source: Longleat

The pair of pandas were born in the very first successfully off-spring of a breeding programme for the endangered species at the Wiltshire wildlife attraction. Separating from the protection of their parents, Emma and Lionel, double pandas are counted as the seventh and eighth pandas to be given birth at Longleat. While previous cubs are traveling all over Europe, the two unique buddies are cosseted with lots of love and care in the Park.

“Although we have yet to name them, we have been able to do their first health checks and can confirm they’re both females.” said Keeper Sam Allworthy.

Emma, the sibling’s mother, also arrived at Longleat and took responsibility for nurturing these two little babies.

Source: Longleat

“Both cubs are doing really well, Emma is a great mum and she has been looking after them fantastically,” Keeper Sam Allworthy added.

About two-thirds of their food intake is made up of bamboo. Along with plain bamboo, a diet with a mix of fruits, eggs and the occasional insects are shared to be a delicious dish for new baby pandas. As it is relatively low in calories, just like giant pandas, red pandas tend to spend much of their time either eating or sleeping.

Source: Longleat

Unluckily, red pandas are gradually in danger for reasons like deforestation, habitat loss and poaching. They were then officially marked as ‘Endangered’ species by IUCN (the International Union for Conservation of Nature) in 2008.

Similar to red pandas, there are numerous animals outside that are facing extinction. We believe that it’s time for us to pay close attention to endangered species and take action asap to protect these lovely animals.

Source: Longleat

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