Meet The Rosefinches, The Little Birds With Beautiful Pink Coat

Pink is a lovely and beautiful color that symbolizes nurture, innocence, and romance. This shade often appears in your mind along with flowers or fruits, but those are not the only things adorned with pink. You might not notice or have a chance to observe it, but many bird species are covered with a rosy feathery coat, including the Rosefinches we introduce to you below!

pink birdSource: artstation

This small bird with a pink cover is so beautiful that it looks like an imaginative character coming out of a cartoon. Two genera of this bird are Carpodacus and Haemorhous, with one native to Europe and Asia and the other in North America. Rosefinches have spread to many regions and even breed in England. You may find the common rosefinches in a number of countries around the world, including Sweden, Siberia, Iran, Afghanistan, and Japan.

pink birdSource: pinterest

In summer, they like to stay in the woodlands or forests with rivers in proximity, while during the cold season, these birds would hover around orchards, gardens, swamps, and dry oak forests.

pink birdSource: Birds.Lovers

This bird’s favorite food is seeds and grains, whereas other species of Rosefinches are omnivorous and feed on insects, invertebrates, and plants. Rosefinches generally lay 3-4 eggs each breeding season on their nests in low branches. 

pink birdSource: inaturalist

Besides the sweet appearance, these birds’ melody with a three-note whistling tune is also catchy and pleasing to the ears. Scroll down to see more of this smol feathery ball!

pink birdSource: Birds.Lovers

What do you think about this gorgeous pink bird? Have you ever seen this one or any other pink birds? We’d love to know your thoughts and experiences in the comment below, and don’t forget to check out other posts on our site for more cool stories and photos!
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