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Man Sues Dog Owner After Disturbing Pup For Months But Eventually Gets Backfired

Your happiness depends on the social relations surrounding you, and good relationships with family and friends are key to a pleasant life. However, you can’t overlook your neighbors, who more or less affect your daily life. Try to get on well with those living near your house, but don’t let your guard down, as an ill-mannered neighbor could take you to court for an irrational reason. Let’s take a look at the story of DeadDrone999, who stands up against his neighbor for the sake of his beloved puppy.

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Taking to the subreddit r/legaladvice, a man consulted the internet after his conflict with a neighbor over a drone. The poster lived with his dog- the best friend that has been with him for 7 years. The pet often enjoyed his time in the backyard, and the problem emerged when the neighbor flew his drone in that area.

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After many times being annoyed, the dog decided that he’s got enough of it and destroyed the flying robot. The drone owner was furious and demanded the Redditor pay for his $900 drone, or else he would sue the dog parent.

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Though the writer refused to pay the ridiculous charges, he was concerned that the drone owner may take him to court. Therefore, he hoped to get some piece of advice from netizens. He also shared that his neighbor had teased his dog with the aerial vehicles several times. He even reached out to the police to prevent the man from harming his pet.

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In response to his post, Redditors told him to ignore the neighbor unless he was sued. Many suggested he check the dog’s condition to ensure he was healthy, as frequent exposure to the drone may be harmful to him. They also recommended the poster prepare copies of his previous reports for the police about the drone. Some even advised him to contact the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to check if the neighbor’s drone had been registered.

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In an update, it turned out that the drone owner did take the case to court. Fortunately, thanks to the online advice and his MIL, a paralegal secretary, he prepared what was needed and counter-sued his neighbor.

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Besides, the Redditor called FAA and informed them about his neighbor’s drones. As they lived quite near an airport, flying a drone in the area violated the regulation.

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Eventually, the poster won the court case while his neighbor faced an enormous bill of almost $2000 for the dog’s checkups. Additionally, the drone owner was fined for not having registered drones and violating several FAA regulations, including flying too near an airport and close to other people.

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The public congratulated the dog owner for his success in protecting his dog and himself. They all were satisfied when the terrible neighbor got what he deserved. However, it is emphasized that the poster should pay heed to his pet as the drone owner may hold a grudge against him and endanger the animal.

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