Man Gets Frightened After Saving Dog Struggling With Soil Covered Up All Her Body

The accident was in summer 2022, at a remote farm located in Turkey. It happened when Soner Büyümez, a skillful veteran working here, suddenly caught a weird sound coming very close to him. After hearing that, Soner believed that he could not ignore the tone since he felt like someone was yelling for help.

He immediately came to the position and noticed a very troubled circumstance, a dog was concreted in the ground, only her head was free to beg for help. The situation was troublesome since the location was a landslide with a lot of sand and rocks. Also, since this is a remote farm far away from the center, it was difficult to ask for help from a professional rescuer. Hence, Soner decided to try his best to save this unlucky buddy by digging away all the rock around her.


“When I first saw her, it was very upsetting” Büyümez said.

That was the time he knew he had to act. He fetched a shovel and began to dig.

At first, Soner only got worked up about the dog and the situation she was in, but then, he explored things that were even more terrible. Büyümez said that he heard something that sounded like the cries of puppies.

He immediately took action and tried to dig deeper into the ground. Then, it was panic to point out that there were seven little puppies burried alive right next to their mother. It was not hard to imagine what would happen to the dog family if he was late for a few more minutes. Anyway, Soner then successfully saved all of these little kids and sent them back to their distressed mother.


After the saving, Soner stated that he would be the one responsible for protecting and taking care of these little friends from now on so that they would never be in a dangerous situation again.

“Their general condition is very good. The mother and her puppies were protected,” Büyümez said.

“I will care for them as my own.”


It was a relief that the dog family is now safe and sound thanks to the quick thoughts and efforts of a very warm-hearted man, Büyümez Soner. What do you think about the action of this hero? Why don’t you let others know your opinion by sharing this touching story with your family and friends?