Man Gets Applauded After Refusing To Help New Neighbor Get Her Children To School

A good relationship with neighbors is something we all value and appreciate. They are those living closest to us and can lend us a helping hand when we need support. Lots of things we may have to rely on them, including receiving mail, picking up packages, and watching over our babies or pets. That's why many tried their best to get on well with people in their neighborhood, but their attempts aren't always successful. The man in this story has stopped being friendly with his new neighbors after his good intention was misunderstood.


Lately, the Redditor account called u/goodneighbor123 turned to the subreddit r/AmItheAsshole to ask online people if he was a jerk for refusing to help his neighbor. He's lived in a city in Ontario, Canada, with 5 other families in the neighborhood for several years. Since he often heads out in the evening for the overnight shift, he has a habit of checking windshield wipers for his wife's car and others, including his neighbors'.

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Everyone felt grateful for his kind acts and started doing it if they saw someone forget to put their wipers up on their cars. It has become one of the normal things to do in this neighborhood.

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However, the problem arose when one of his neighbors moved away, and a new family with two kids moved in. One night when the poster left for his shift, he quickly checked his wife's car and others as usual.

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The wipers in his new neighbor's truck weren't put up. The Redditor didn't know them very well, so he was reluctant but decided to help. However, while he was putting up one of the wipers, the truck's owner appeared in front of the door and yelled at him. The neighbor was furious, and impervious to the poster's explanation, he threw a fit and chased the kind neighbor away. His wife also came out and had a go at the Reddit user.

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Some other neighbors heard of the fuss and came out to defend the Redditor, but the newcomers didn't get it. A few days passed by until one morning, the poster walked across his new neighbor and saw her struggling with the frozen windshield wipers of the truck. He guessed she needed to bring her kids to school, but it was impossible with the solid wipers on the car.

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The woman then noticed the man and asked him for help. The poster remembered that her husband warned him not to touch the truck, so he didn't lend her a hand. The neighbor appeared to be irritated and called the Redditor AH. Though he man didn't think he was in the wrong, his wife thought he should have helped their neighbor since the kids needed to go to school.

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Most netizens agreed with the man's response since his neighbors obviously didn't appreciate his help. People understood that they got freaked out to see a strange person touching their property, but they were too rude when shouting at the poster. Even if they didn't like that, they should have apologized to the Reddit user after knowing he had no bad intentions.

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Some thought the woman got what she deserved after yelling at a good person who wanted to help her family. Apparently, the poster didn't have the responsibility to help her, and he had to right to refuse, especially when he had been shouted at for being good before.

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What would you do if you were in the poster's position? Have you ever had a terrible experience with your neighbors? Let us know in the comment below, and don't forget to follow out site for more fascinating stories and ideas!
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