MADOFF Netflix Cast, Storyline And Related Information

Searching for Madoff Netflix cast? The Wall Street mogul, who is infamous for his fraudulent investing tactics, will be the subject of a documentary series that will broadcast on January 4, and it will trace his rise and collapse.

Documentary filmmaker and Oscar nominee Joe Berlinger (Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile) delves deep into the narrative of the greatest Ponzi scam in history, hearing from journalists, victims, whistleblowers, investigators, and former colleagues of Madoff on how he pulled it off.

#1. Who Is┬áBernie Madoff? What’s It About?

MADOFF Netflix Cast

Because Madoff, an American financier, conned thousands of investors out of a combined total of around $65 billion, his scheme is considered the most successful financial con in the history of the United States. Bernard Madoff, a stockbroker, advisor, former chairman of the NASDAQ, and creator of a securities firm, assisted many clients in increasing the value of their financial holdings by fraudulent means.

According to the testimony of an expert witness named Bruce Dubinsky in the documentary series, the “crime” committed by Madoff consisted of “simply taking people’s money, promising them he was going to invest their money, and he never did.”

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During the horrible financial collapse that occurred in the years after Bernard Madoff’s arrest in 2008, some of Madoff’s victims are known to have committed suicide or are assumed to have done so. After being found guilty of 11 crimes and receiving a sentence of 150 years in prison, Madoff passed away in 2021 due to natural causes.

The series goes at the monumental crimes Madoff committed and the several structural faults that eventually failed to prevent these crimes from occurring. The victims of Bernard Madoff and those who have sought justice for them are the ones who have provided information regarding his decades-long swindle.

#2. MADOFF Netflix Cast & Crew

MADOFF Netflix Cast
MADOFF Netflix Cast
  • Richard Dreyfuss As Bernie Madoff
  • Blythe Danner As Ruth
  • Tom Lipinski As Mark Madoff
  • Danny Deferrari As Andrew Madoff
  • Peter Scolari As Peter Madoff
  • Erin Cummings As Eleanor Squillari
  • Michael Rispoli As Frank DiPascali
  • Frank Whaley As Harry Markopolos
  • Linda Berman: Executive Producer
  • Joe Pichirallo: Executive Producer
  • Raymond De Felitta: Director
  • Ben Robbins: Writer

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